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posticon The Loaded Gun by John Cali

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Last week I received a brief, but powerfully moving letter from one of our readers, a Vietnam War veteran.

John Cali

Here’s the letter:

“Thank you so much for this (the video of The Way of the Warrior). It made me unload the gun. It stopped me from taking my life. I am a Vietnam vet who has chronic progressive multiple sclerosis.”

(Name withheld)

In a follow-up letter this man told me:

“If my letter will help others, please use it!

“A little-known fact: From 1965 to 1975 58,000 troopers were killed in Vietnam. Between 1975 and 1985 there were 178,000 vets who took their own lives.

“So if it will prevent any of my brothers and sisters from doing what I was going to do, please use the letter.

“Please give to your brother a WELCOME HOME, … Continue reading

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posticon Danny by John Cali

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Danny, my 33-year-old next-door neighbor, died last week. Nearly everyone is saying he died too young, and what a tragedy it is.

Can we die too young? And is it a tragedy if we do die young?

John Cali

Here is part of Danny’s obituary from our local newspaper:

“He was a free spirit and loving person. He loved life and lived it to the fullest. He never met a stranger. . . . He was the best kind of trouble, the kind you knew had nothing but love for his friends and family. He loved to play hard, fight hard and laugh from all the way down in his giant heart.”

With his long hair, earrings, and tattooed, tall muscular body Danny was a formidable sight. I’ve known him only about four years. But that was long enough to appreciate this gentle giant of … Continue reading

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