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posticon Sam and Sara: A Story of Healing by John Cali

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Sam and Sara: A Story of Healing

Sam and Sara (not their real names) are a delightful couple I know here in Wyoming. They have a remarkable story of healing. But it’s probably not what you’d expect in such a story.

John Cali

I first met Sam and Sara some years ago up in the foothills south of town while I was out jogging. They were strolling along, hand-in-hand, obviously deeply in love. It intrigued me to see a couple that age holding hands. What intrigues me even more is, as the years have gone by, I’ve yet to see them together when they were not holding hands.

Over time I gradually got to know their story through our little trail-side chats in the foothills. Sam and Sara had known each many years, way back when they both were happily married … Continue reading

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posticon Life, Death, and Plane Crashes by John Cali

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Life, Death, and Plane Crashes

Last week, on a cold foggy night in Buffalo, New York, Continental Flight 3407 suddenly spiraled down into a fiery crash five miles from its destination.

John Cali

The plane, for those of you who might not know, crashed on its final approach to Buffalo Niagara International Airport about 10:20 that dark foggy night in Buffalo. Fifty people died, including all passengers and crew members, plus one man on the ground.

The sad events in Buffalo had a particularly poignant personal meaning for me. The next night, as I read about them, my thoughts carried me back to a time long ago, to what seemed like another lifetime in a dim and distant past.

I grew up in a small farm town on the shores of Lake Erie just west of Buffalo. In my younger years … Continue reading

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posticon Love by John Cali

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, I thought love would make a good topic for this week’s newsletter.

John Cali

What is love?

Regardless of how you define it, it obviously can take many forms. One of which we celebrate every February 14 — romantic love.

But today we’re going to expand our definition beyond romance. My favorite definition of love is one Spirit gave me many years ago:

“The choice to see the divinity in all beings.”

(NOTE: Spirit’s message today is a bit longer than usual and, to me at least, a bit sterner.)

Here’s Spirit.


As John mentioned, we define love as the choice to see the divinity in all beings. We emphasize the word “all.” You cannot love only a part of the all and still be truly loving.

God is all that is, as you’ve heard … Continue reading

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posticon Limiting Beliefs by John Cali

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Last week after we published our Money podcast, we received a fair amount of feedback. With one exception, it was all positive. In the exception, the letter writer talked about limiting beliefs. So we’ve decided to do this week’s article on that very subject.

John Cali

Here are the comments from the person talking about limiting beliefs:

“In today’s podcast it is said that creating wealth is as ‘simple’ as giving up limiting beliefs, but come on: this IS the crux of the problem!! No one DELIBERATELY holds on to limiting beliefs, yet relinquishing them, overcoming programming, is NEVER EVER a simple matter. Can Spirit say ANYTHING about this that is not glib, banal, facile, dismissive, but instead, truly helpful?” (Emphasis is the letter writer’s.)

And here’s another email, asking a simple question:

“And now, (can you give us) assistance in removing … Continue reading

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posticon Death of a Friend by John Cali

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Last week an old and dear friend from my childhood died. I celebrated.

John Cali

I realize that may sound cold and callous to some folks, perhaps even to some of you reading this. But I actually did celebrate after my sister told me of my friend’s death.

To explain, let me go back to days long past.

I’ve known Joe most of my life, over fifty years now. Though he was much older than me, when I became an adult we grew very close. We were like brothers. I have many warm and happy memories of our days together, including some pretty wild times. We knew how to have fun!

We never completely lost touch with each other, but we did drift apart after his wife died about fifteen years ago. I contacted him a few times, but he never responded. I never knew … Continue reading

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