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posticon A Story of Healing by John Cali

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Last week we told you the story of my old friend Harry. The day after we published that story another old friend, Michael, told me a powerfully poignant story of healing.
John Cali

Many years ago Michael met a woman named Sarah. There was an instant rapport and attraction between them. Although they remained friends the next fifteen years or so, it was a roller-coaster, up-and-down relationship.

They were never lovers, but they shared all the intimacies of lovers except sex.… Read more

posticon Receiving by John Cali

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Last week I was talking to my good friend Harry. Having known each other all our lives, we have a special bond.
John Cali

Harry mentioned he needed some electronic equipment, and asked if I knew where to get it at a good price. I said, “Sure, I’ll check it out for you.”

I found exactly what he wanted, bought it, and had it shipped to him. Then I told him I wanted this to be my gift to him.

He refused, saying I’d done so much for him over the years, he could not accept the gift.… Read more

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