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posticon Life’s Other Side by John Cali

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In personal readings people often ask us about family members or friends who’ve died. They almost invariably want to know if their loved ones are safe, and if they can communicate with them.

John Cali

The answer to both those questions is an unqualified “Yes!”

They are safe. And they’re usually anxious to communicate again with their loved ones on earth.

Here’s Spirit.


We’ve talked about this subject before, but it keeps coming up in conversations we have with many of you.… Read more

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posticon The Human Body by John Cali

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Having been raised Roman Catholic, I was taught, at an early age, the human body was the “temple of God” — and, at the same time, an object of shame. Especially when it came to sex.

Talk about confusing!

Fortunately, I’ve outgrown most of the outdated concepts of the Catholic Church. But they still persist in many folks, including some of my family. (Though I must admit, I like the “temple of God” idea.)… Read more

posticon Money by John Cali

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Businessman Ted Turner was once quoted as saying “The world is awash in money.”

We wrote an article a few years ago called Niagara Falls. In that article Spirit said this:

“…the problem is never a lack of abundance. The problem is … your lack of awareness of that abundance. The abundance is there — always has been, always will be.”… Read more

posticon Battling Versus Healing by John Cali

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I don’t suppose there’s any greater incidence of cancer in this little northern Rocky Mountain town where I live than anywhere else. But it seems to occupy a goodly amount of space in local newspaper articles.

One of the “common elements,” if you will, of those articles is the phrase “battling cancer.” Even those who survive have “battled cancer.” Those who didn’t survive “lost the battle to cancer.”… Read more