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Just over a week ago we did a blog article, Three-Minute Healing, which received a fair number of comments. So I thought we’d do a followup.

In our years of working together, Spirit and I have seen a pretty predictable pattern in the questions and issues people want to discuss with us. One of those — no surprise — is healing.

Many folks struggle with healing, especially with the idea healing does not have to take a long time — even healing from so-called “terminal” diseases, as we saw in the Three-Minute Healing article.… Read more


  • Do you think religion has a place in politics?
  • What are your thoughts about religions which claim they are the only “right” one?
  • What part, if any, do religion and/or spirituality play in your life?

 … Read more

posticon All Paths Lead Home by John Cali

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Since I started doing this work with Spirit I’ve often been criticized by family, friends, and opponents for following the wrong path. Especially in spiritual matters.

We don’t have to look any farther than the mainstream news media headlines to see graphic examples of people not only criticizing others for having different beliefs and values, but even killing them for it.… Read more

posticon Three-Minute Healing by John Cali

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In an earlier article on this blog, Do You Believe in Miracles?, we talked about so-called “miraculous” healings. What that usually means is medical science cannot explain the healings. But there’s really nothing miraculous about them.

As Spirit has said, “Miracles are nothing extraordinary. They are, indeed, the most ordinary events in the lives of you, gods and goddesses in human form….”… Read more

posticon Animals and the Afterlife by John Cali

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Over the years many people have asked Spirit about their beloved pets who have died.

John Cali


We easily believe we humans continue on after physical death. But we sometimes wonder about our animal family. Just this past week several of our friends have experienced the death of a pet.

If you’re animal lover, as I am, you know the heartbreak and pain of losing the physical presence of a beloved pet.

A few years ago Spirit and I wrote an article, Hans Was Here, about the death of one of our family dogs.… Read more

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