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posticon Time and Disease by John Cali

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John Cali

Spirit often gives me spontaneous messages, even when I have not intended to channel. Typically those messages are very short, and usually only for my personal benefit, not for the public.

However, Spirit obviously did not intend this message, given me in the pre-dawn darkness of a cold Sunday morning, only for my personal benefit.

Here’s Spirit.… Read more

posticon The Ending of a Life by John Cali

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I’m writing this on Thanksgiving Day (in the United States). I just found out about the death of a dear friend.

My spirit guides have said for years there is no death. What we call death is an illusion. It’s not the ending of a life, but only the beginning of a new life.

I believe that, and have always accepted it. The past several years we’ve had many deaths in our family. I did not have a hard time with any of them.… Read more

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