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posticon Alone by John Cali

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How comfortable are you when you’re alone? If you’re like a lot of folks, you probably avoid being alone as much as possible.

Then there are those who actually enjoy being alone. I’m one of them. I love people, but I also need my “alone time.” And I’m never bored or lonely.

Here’s a great video with some practical tips on how to be alone, and the benefits of alone time.

Here’s Spirit.

All humans need “alone time,” to use John’s phrase.… Read more

posticon The Man In Black by John Cali

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This is a ghost story — a true ghost story.

I grew up on the southern shore of the USA’s Lake Erie, one of the country’s five Great Lakes.

The Great Lakes are famous (or infamous) for their fierce storms. In fact, Lake Erie has seen more shipwrecks than the Bermuda Triangle. A while back I wrote a blog post, The Power of One, about one of Lake Erie’s more notorious and destructive storms.

Today’s story is about another wild Lake Erie night.… Read more

posticon Having Fun Can Save Your Life by John Cali

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Anatomy of an Illness, a 1979 New York Times best-selling book, tells the inspiring story of Norman Cousins’ full recovery from a crippling disease, simply by having fun.

Those of you who’ve been around as long as I have probably remember Norman Cousins, editor of the Saturday Review. Cousins and the magazine are long gone, but his story is unforgettable. He used the power of laughter and comedy to cure himself of a life-threatening disease. In other words, by having fun.… Read more

posticon The Myth of Deterioration by John Cali

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Almost two months ago we published a blog post called Destined To Deteriorate. I was reminded of that post a few days ago as I was reading an article about aging.

One of the folks interviewed for the article, a medical doctor, said it was virtually inevitable, if we live long enough, we will all fall apart mentally and physically. As he put it, eventually we end up as the patients of some medical practitioner or other.

I was turned off by the good doctor’s comments.… Read more

posticon Happiness Is a Choice by John Cali

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US President Abraham Lincoln once said “A man is about as happy as he makes up his mind to be.”

Do you believe that?

We’ve talked about this subject publicly and privately many times over the years. I agree with President Lincoln. But not everyone does.

This past week has been one of our busier ones around here. So we’re revisiting an article on happiness we published several years ago.… Read more