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posticon Do You Struggle With Self-Love? by John Cali

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Recently someone close to me was doing her best to convince me it was impossible for her to love herself as much as she loved others.

And even if she wanted to do that, it would be morally wrong. Her spiritual beliefs had convinced her of that. In plain language, it would be a sin for her to ever put herself before others.

Unfortunately, this lady is not alone in her struggles.

This week we’re revisiting an article we wrote a while back.Read more

posticon Heal Your Relationship with Money by John Cali

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One of the most common topics we talk about with folks in personal readings is money. How do I get it? How do I keep it? How do I get more of it?

In my experience of working with Spirit over the years, I’ve seen money as one of the most daunting challenges so many people face.

Barbara Clark has just released a powerful money program that is so simple and yet so effective. I think anyone wanting more money, or a healthier relationship with money, will love what Barbara is offering.Read more

posticon How Are Healing Miracles Possible? by John Cali

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A good friend, Elsa Santos, emailed us to ask how healing miracles are possible. Elsa was responding to one of our posts, How Can We Help Others Heal?

Following are her questions. (We’ve abbreviated her email to keep this post reasonably short. We may address her other questions another time.)

Here’s Elsa’s email:

Dear John,

Thank you so much, first of all, for all the beautiful work you do with Spirit!

I´m both a healer and a translator, and I’ve had the honor and absolute privilege of translating and subtitling Tuning In in Portuguese.… Read more

posticon The Zen of Living in Today’s World: 15 Ways to Find Peace in the Midst of Chaos by John Cali

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  • Meditate. Every day if possible. It keeps you aligned with Spirit.
  • Always be good to yourself. You deserve it.
  • Look for the best in all people and all experiences. It’s always there, but you have to be willing to see it.
  • Never judge or criticize another. You see in them only a reflection of yourself.
  • Avoid those who complain constantly. Their energy is too negative for you.
  • Spend time regularly in nature. It will soothe and heal you.
  • Know the universe is abundant.
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posticon How To Attract Your Soul Mate by John Cali

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One of the most common issues people bring to us in personal readings is romantic relationships—an appropriate subject for today, Valentine’s Day.

People usually ask us how to find a romantic relationship, and then how to handle it after they’ve got “the tiger by the tail.”

Here are some thoughts from Spirit:

If you wish to attract your perfect lover, you must first become your own perfect lover. The law of attraction says like attracts like. You have many ways of expressing that—the rich get richer, the better it gets the better it gets, birds of a feather flock together, etc.Read more