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posticon How Do You Face Your Own Mortality? by John Cali

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That’s a tough question for many of us.

Two weeks ago a member of our family died. Two days ago another one died.

The deaths got me to thinking about, well, life and death. None of us are going to get out of this life alive. At least not physically.

How do we face our own mortality? I’ve given lots of thought to that question the past two weeks.

Once again, I’m away from home for a while. So this newsletter will be brief.Read more

posticon What Does It Feel Like To Channel Spirit? by John Cali

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People often ask me, particularly when we do private readings, what it feels like to channel Spirit.

Good question.

I had never given the question much thought till recently when, for whatever reason, more folks have been asking it.

People have told me, over the years, when I’m channelling Spirit’s energy is very different from my energy. They’ve also said my voice changes. It must be only a slight change, for I’ve never been able to hear any difference.Read more

posticon The Fear of Death: Sequel by John Cali

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We had some great responses to our last newsletter article, The Fear of Death.

One comment Spirit made in that article is a tough one for many folks to accept. Here’s what they said:

Death does not exist. Let go of the fear of death, and then you will soar.”

At least several people were upset by what Spirit and I said in that article. Here are one person’s comments (unedited):

Just simply let go. Ah geez is that all I have to do?Read more

posticon The Fear of Death by John Cali

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Last week one of our family died at a relatively young age. She’d been suffering from a serious illness since she was in her 40s.

I know, as my spirit guides often say, we all die at the time and in the manner we choose. Yet when someone close dies, it’s still an adjustment for us—often a difficult one.

Adding to the difficulty is the almost universal fear of death.

Here are a few thoughts from Spirit.Read more

posticon What Do My Pets Have to Teach Me? by John Cali

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My spirit guides have often said animals are our teachers and healers. Here are some of their thoughts:

Animals, especially dogs and cats, are often your teachers. And your healers too. They have little to learn from you. But you have much to learn from them. One difference between animals and humans is animals are uninhibited. They know who they are. All they want to do is simply be who they are. Nothing more, nothing less.

And so in their naturally uninhibited, unlimited being, they radiate an energy, love, and joy that can touch even the most hardened human hearts.Read more