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posticon The Angel by Hans Brockhuis

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AlonsoMdeTovar5Image by Alonso Miguel de Tovar

Today I would like to talk about a happy vacation in the snow of the French Alps, several years ago, together with our eldest daughter, her husband and children, and a friend of the family.

Do I have to tell you in that respect about the caring of our then two little grandchildren, which was awesome in itself? No I do not. We became aware once more how lucky my wife and I are to be the grandparents of these grand little people who find themselves at the beginning of their paths on this Earth of the beloved Mother.… Read more

posticon Pete Seeger 1919—2014 by John Cali and Spirit

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Pete_Seeger_at_Newport_Folk_Festival_2009Pete Seeger at 2009 Newport Folk Festival
Image credits:
William Wallace

Pete Seeger is one of my all-time favorite singers and heroes.

After his death two days ago, his grandson Kitama Cahill-Jackson said this:
“He was a second father to me, he was a friend, he was a best friend. He was just this wonderful, genuine person.”

I think those words accurately reflect what many of us felt about Pete, even those of us who did not know him personally. He was a powerful role model and inspiration, especially for so many in my generation.Read more

posticon Everything Always Works Out For Me by John Cali and Spirit

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Chaparral_Supercell_2Approaching Storm
Image by Greg Lundeen, National Weather Service

Our title this week is the affirmation I have taped above my desk. It’s also the affirmation I say to myself every morning when I wake up.

The daily results of using this affirmation almost always amaze me. Many days I feel I’m living in a dream world, but a real dream world.

That rosy perspective was severely challenged this week when I found a storm looming on my horizon. Let me explain.Read more

posticon Do We Need To Overcome Adversity or Just Go Along For the Ride? by John Cali and Spirit

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Pair_of_lemons-croppedImage credit: Dante Alighieri

We’ve all heard that saying, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Well, my good friend, Dan Poynter of Para Publishing, recently demonstrated how to do just that, in a most impressive way.

Last summer Dan was diagnosed with Chromosome Trisomy 19, a rare and potentially life-threatening blood disorder. His doctor decided he needed a stem cell transplant. Although this disorder is not cancer, its treatment is similar to certain cancer treatments.

Now Dan is a very busy guy, as you can see from his website.Read more

posticon Dark Energy and Life’s Other Challenges by John Cali and Spirit

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NGC_3021_HubbleDark Energy
Image by NASA

A few days ago I spent several long hours in the hospital. Not because there was anything wrong with me. I just had go for a yearly eye exam, and my doctor’s office is in a hospital.

I had to wait for the results of the various eye tests they did. (Everything was fine.) While I was waiting I could not help but overhear the other folks also waiting there. Virtually all of them were talking about everything that’s “wrong” with their bodies.Read more