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posticon Running Fox: A Guided Meditation by Hans Brockhuis

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Vulpes_vulpes_4Red Fox
Copyright © 2012 by Juan Lacruz

This time I would like to do a guided meditation together with you. So, if you want to go along with me this way, I ask that you find a familiar place, close your eyes and sit down comfortably. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Disconnect the ambient sounds and go along with me back to a time, a number of centuries ago, in a place that is today the United States of America.Read more

posticon What Are Miracles? by John Cali and Spirit

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The miracle comes quietly into the mind that stops an instant and is still. ~ A Course in Miracles

Video 23 0 00 35-24Image by John Cali

One night about 35 years ago I was leaving my office in Arlington, Virginia. As I approached my car in the parking lot it was getting dark and no one else was around. Then I realized I’d locked my keys in the car that morning.

I searched the entire parking lot, hoping to find something I could use to pry open the car door lock.Read more

posticon It Will Get Better by John Cali and Spirit

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We struggle with the complexities and avoid the simplicities. ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Flickr_-_Rainbirder_-_Uphill_struggleUphill Struggle, Copyright © 2010 by Steve Garvie

Have you ever felt stuck, struggling to make it from one day to the next—or even one moment to the next?

My spirit guides and I talk to lots of folks who live that way. I have the greatest compassion for them, especially since I felt horribly stuck for much of my younger life.

Here are some words from Spirit.Read more

posticon Chasing Happiness by John Cali and Spirit

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The pursuit of happiness is a most ridiculous phrase; if you pursue happiness you’ll never find it. ~ C. P. Snow

Spielendes_KätzchenHappy Cat, by Loliloli

Happiness is an elusive pipe dream for so many. But that is completely the opposite of our natural state—which is happiness, peace, love, joy in every aspect of our earthly lives.

We were born happy. Did you ever see a depressed or unhappy baby or young child? These young ones still remember where they came from and who they are.Read more

posticon What Everybody Ought To Know About Sexuality by John Cali and Spirit

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Whether you’re gay or lesbian or straight, if you love someone and want to marry them, marry them….live and let live. ~ US Senator Alan Simpson, Wyoming


800px-Homosexuality_symbols.svgHomosexuality symbols, by Martin Strachoň / Wikimedia Commons

Over the years I’ve had several folks among my family and friends who were homosexual. They did not often talk about it with me, even though they knew I accepted them as they were.

But back in those days no one talked about homosexuality. Hell, we didn’t even talk about heterosexuality except in hushed tones, lest we be embarrassed if someone overheard us.Read more