A Brand-New Beginning by John Cali

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Many of us celebrate every January 1, exactly one month ago today, as a brand-new beginning.
John Cali

We didn’t want to talk about this topic around January 1 because of all the celebrations and distractions of the holidays. But now, from the hindsight of one month, it might be easier to focus on new beginnings.

Spirit and I have talked about this subject before. But nonetheless when January 1 comes around each year, we humans believe the day somehow confers upon us a chance to start over again, to have a brand-new beginning.

Here’s Spirit.

You often yearn for a fresh start in your lives. How often have you told yourselves if only you hadn’t done this or that, you could start anew with no past baggage?

We commend you for wanting new beginnings. But the beginning of a new year has taken on a mystique and power for many of you. As John said, you believe January 1 somehow confers upon you a chance to start over again.

And if you even make new year’s resolutions you sometimes overwhelm yourselves with ponderously long or difficult lists. Your resolve often vanishes with the dawn of the next day. Or the one after that or. . . .

We recommend you take a shorter perspective.

January 1 is a new beginning, certainly. But there’s nothing sacrosanct about that date. Every day is a new beginning. Would it not be easier for you to take your lives one day at a time instead of in those daunting one-year chunks?

You don’t know for sure what lies down the road one year from now. You don’t even know what lies before you in the next 24 hours. Wouldn’t it just be easier to take it one step at a time? One day at a time? One moment at a time?

New beginnings abound in your lives. January 1 is a new beginning. When you awake in the morning it’s a new beginning. When you go to sleep at night it’s a new beginning.

Every moment is a new beginning. Every breath you take is a new beginning.

With each breath you are born again. With each breath the cells of your body are born again. What existed one breath ago no longer exists with your next breath. Live in the moment. All your power lies in this present moment. All of it!

Make your lists of new year’s resolutions. But be easy on yourselves. This should not be an exercise in seeing how much misery you can create for yourselves.

Live your resolutions only in the present moment, allowing yourselves to simply flow with the energy of your life, with the life-giving energy your souls bring you with every breath you take.

Let your next breath be as important to you as January 1. Both are really brand-new beginnings.


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