A Life Without Hatred by John Cali

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This week’s video gives us a glimpse into the life of an amazing woman, Alice Herz-Sommer. Alice’s story is perfect for this holiday season when many folks’ thoughts turn to peace on earth.
John Cali

A few weeks ago, on November 26, Alice celebrated her 107th birthday. She’s the oldest living Holocaust survivor.

Alice, an accomplished pianist, says music helped her and others survive the horrors of the concentration camps. As she put it, “Music was our food.” Today, at 107 years young, she still practices the piano three hours a day.

Despite enduring the horrors of those concentration camps and losing her family there, today she leads a happy, fulfilling life. She does not hate the Nazis. As she put it, “Hatred brings only hatred.”

Alice is a powerful shining example of what a life without hatred can do to help heal a wounded world.

Here’s Spirit.

While most of you have never experienced what Alice did, you still harbor what you might call “minor hatreds.”

Is there a family member you feel resentment toward? Is there a co-worker you don’t like? Do you hate your job? Do you hang on to hurtful experiences after they’re long past? Do you resent, or harbor grudges against, even yourself for your past mistakes?

Most humans have had these experiences, or some variation of them. And that’s fine. All such experiences are simply part of your growth as human beings.

But you create problems and barriers when you insist on hanging onto those memories, those experiences, and all the pain and anguish.

In fact, we observe you so often creating memorials to your pain and suffering. How many “war memorials” do you have? Monuments to suffering, pain, and hatred?

While we respect your natural desire to honor those who have suffered and died in your human struggles, we do not think it’s a good thing to keep all the suffering and pain fresh in your minds and awareness. The saying you have — “We shall never forget.” — dooms you to continually reliving what you’d be far better off forgetting.

The only way you will achieve world peace is to follow Alice’s example and refuse to let hatred live in your hearts. No matter what has happened in the past. As she said, “Hatred brings only hatred.”

And love brings only love.

Every hateful thought you hold contributes to the wounding of the world. Every loving thought you hold contributes to the healing of the world.

Live a life without hatred. Live a life with only love. Then you will create the world you’ve always dreamed of.


However you celebrate this time of the year, Spirit and I wish you and all your loved ones a most beautiful and blessed season. God bless you all!


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