What Others Are Saying About Us

What Others Are Saying About Us—Testimonials

Your last reading wasn’t just good — it was profound, mainly because I sensed that in one part my Higher Self was sending me a crucial message through Spirit and You. As soon as I heard the words I could feel myself being rewired. I finally got it. This rare opportunity . . . is nothing short of a miracle.

Grafton, Ontario

I loved talking to Spirit. My main feeling after the channel — and after listening to the tape afterwards — was one of joy and delight. Spirit made me feel like I really am the powerful angelic being that I know I am, without all the human attributes getting in the way. Talking to him, everything seems so clear and simple, as I know it really is. It’s a great way to put your life into perspective, and I highly recommend it.


John and Spirit,

I can’t even figure out how to put into words how much your reading helped me, but I’ll try.

From the beginning I cried, I laughed, I cried some more and laughed some more. It was as if you had reached into my soul and pulled out exactly what I needed to move forward from my rut. In essence I suppose that’s what you did and I will be forever grateful. I felt as if I was talking to an old friend whom I’ve known forever, who understood me and loved me without judgement. I know we are all forever friends and when the day comes when I can hug you both whether here on earth or somewhere else in the Universe, it will be a great big hug.

Now I’m off to shine my light and power for the good of all. Me first!!!!!

You are amazing, both of you. Thank you for sharing your gifts.


Barb Webster
Scottsdale, Arizona

Dear John,

After reading your newsletters for quite some time now I have to say the information is absolutely stunning.

Each week I feel as if Spirit talks to me directly. Strange and at the same time wonderful as well.

Very nice to hear information translated into normal talk that, week after week after week, is definitely very uplifting.

If there’s one thing I feel comes through again and again, (it’s) that we shouldn’t take things too seriously, an ailment most of us seem to suffer from on a regular basis.

Well, just wanted to let you know I appreciate your transmissions very much, as I’m sure lots and lots of others do too.

Good luck and kind regards from Belgium.


Hi John:

I received my tape in the mail today of Spirit’s reading in response to my letter. I couldn’t wait to listen to it. WOW! What a powerful reading!!! I was not disappointed.

Spirit came through again with making me feel good and valuable. It never ceases to amaze me how much they speak with so much power and authority as well as with love and deep compassion. What a joy this reading was. I really appreciate the loving message that Spirit blessed me with.

Phyllis Swenson
Vienna, Virginia

First let me thank you for delivering Spirit’s tender messages. Reading one brief newsletter leaves one with the peace of a thousand hours of prayer.

Christine Newman

Dear John,

Many thanks for all of your work. I appreciate you and Spirit and your positive attitudes and thoughts!!!

You make the world better!

Holiday greetings and blessings for 2003!


Reno, Nevada

As an avid student of the metaphysical for over 20 years, my more recent association with Spirit and John Cali has given me one of the greatest joys of my life. The broader perspective on issues that Spirit provides enhances my life immeasurably, and he and John have become dear friends as well. Such abundance! I give thanks to All That Is for my “new” friends, and I continue my joyful pursuit of manifesting the essential Love of my Godself, as I increasingly see God in all beings.

Two Hawk
Potomac, Maryland

I enjoyed (as usual) the most recent musings of Spirit. Spirit always seems to stress that our realities/lives are pretty much woven by the cloth we make ourselves, with others only adding color and texture.

Don’t know why, but I feel compelled to write and encourage you to continue with your endeavors. I came across your writings quite a while back by accident (as if there are any!!), and have found many nuggets of wisdom in each and every reading. Each column always contains uplifting thoughts, making me want to be the best person I can be, and help others when and where I can. You do a good thing, and I am grateful.

Thanks for being!

Shreveport, Louisiana

Speaking with you and Spirit this morning was great. I got exactly what I needed, and then some. One can’t ask for more!

Paul Steinsson
Washington, DC

John, this is the best spiritual counseling I have ever received!!! You are a dear spirit sharing Spirit’s message. Spirit is a very tactful, gentle, and loving. Wow!!! Forever, I am so grateful.

Carol Zahlis
Edgewood, New Mexico

Thank you, as always, for the wonderful words of wisdom and support you and Spirit provide. You are truly a blessing to this planet and to yours truly!

Marita Graves
Ocala, Florida

Dear John and Spirit:

Quick note to tell you that, of late, I have really enjoyed reading your weekly messages more than usual. Your writing, if you will pardon the expression, has seemed to improved and become more on target. Please understand this is not a prior criticism of your previous writings, as they were good too. It’s just that now they seem to be even better! Lately I’ve been printing them out for reading distribution for our small group of lightworkers that meets twice monthly here in Centreville. Sharing them with others has been of great benefit. In fact, I have given your name and email address to several members for contact purposes. Maybe it’s just me and my journey to becoming more aware, albeit tuned-in to certain vibrations to receive all basic “truths” including the underlying messages you convey.

Perhaps not, and it is your writing that has become more expressive and tangible. In either case you must take positive credit and praise for conveying Spirit’s wisdom, knowledge and teachings in a truly inspirational and comprehensible way!

M. Catherine O’Connor
Centreville, Virginia

Dear Spirit and John,

Thank you for the fine work you are doing. It seems that everywhere I look these days there is another light shining on my path. These are intense times for all of us and the reminders I get almost daily are that kindness, compassion and unconditional love are the seeds we constantly have to plant, water and nourish if we want to shift our mass consciousness.

Floyd County, Virginia

Dear John,

Spirit has inspired me to make frequent and improving contact with what I call my God-Self, whom others may refer to as their spiritual guide. In the bargain, I have been able to progress from a simple, unquestioning faith in Spirit’s authenticity to a warm, friendly, and light-hearted camaraderie with him, with deep gratitude for the warm and friendly services of you, John Cali, the channel. Thank you Spirit and John. Take care and follow your heart.

George Ball
Alexandria, Virginia

. . . being in a channelling session is a very uplifting experience. To be in the presence of, and conversing with “spirit,” is truly a gift. It is a bridge between the third-dimension physical world and the spiritual dimensions that is given to anyone, with the only requirement that they be open-minded enough to be present. In my case, Spirit was my first experience with channelling. I came away with such a feeling of joy in my heart because I felt the “truth” during my session. More than his inspirational words, I felt Spirit’s kindness, respect, compassion, and love.

Pat McCleary
Boulder, Colorado

I have just read your newsletter – Sentinels of the Sky – and I want you to know how much I love it. It is so beautifully written. I’m sure everyone who reads it will feel (as I do) as though it has been written purely for their eyes, hearts, minds, and souls, only. There is a tremendous Spirit of Hope in the letter. Your words move me to believe that I am, indeed, a lightworker. And that there is much that I can do even in my “own little world.” Thank you for the opportunity to share in your work. I look forward to every issue of Spirit’s newsletter.

Carlene Hulin
Grenfell, NSW, Australia

Thanks for your newsletter. It is wonderful.

Julia Pierce
Vienna, Virginia

I received a forwarded article channeled by Spirit today – how wonderful and true the words rang! I would love to be included on your mailing list, and thank you!

Vy Graham
Harrison Township, Michigan

I am overwhelmed. The connection I feel with Spirit is truly overwhelming. I’m not sure I have words for the feeling. It’s like my inner self expanded and became a room in which we all sat together as a family. The power of the message is in the intimacy we share, and the loving understanding. I sat with tears running down my face, feeling the love and joy and light, and knowing – really knowing – the truth of the words. . . Thank you both with all my heart.

Mikala Saint Germain
Phoenix, Arizona

I have been able to clear so much since our session, and once again would like to thank you and Spirit so very much. Take good care.

Love and Light,
Lisa Blackburn
Ashburn, Virginia

Thanks for all you do – please add me to your newsletter mailing list.

Anne LaPierre
Knightdale, North Carolina

Thank you so much for this month’s newsletter. I have been feeling especially negative, depressed, etc. After reading your newsletter, I felt the “gloom” start to lift and knew I had to get back on the path of light. Re-reading your newsletter several times will be my first step after I take a walk in the glory of a spring morning! Thank you again.


Thank you so much for this beautiful expression. . . I am so deeply touched! I appreciate receiving these (newsletters). . . they are a joy. Thank you for your work and your contribution. Much Love and Light,

Durango, Colorado

I am so very glad that you were led to the decision to continue this newsletter. It has been very inspiring and thought-provoking for me. You are very much appreciated, and what you do is necessary and important. Thank you for your work!


I just discovered your website and read some of the past newsletters as well as the message from Spirit. I must tell you that I resonated so amazingly well with the words and the energetic feeling beneath the words. I do not say this lightly, nor is it something that I have felt with many other channels. . . I think you are offering a valuable service here. There is a glut of metaphysical material online, but from time to time there is a certain quality of truth that stands out from the rest. . . I do not know if it is the expression of it, the vibrational quality that resonates from it, or the singularity of the truth behind it. . . I only know that I am responding to a lovely radiation of love and truth. Thank you.

Blessings to you,

2 thoughts on “What Others Are Saying About Us

  1. Donna Coburn says:

    I am grateful to you John for taking the time to communicate with me. Your kind Soul is very much needed and appreciated in my life at this time. I am anxious to become familiar with your website and read your book(s) and newsletters. This is all so exciting as I am fairly new on the path of awakening. I am always looking for like minded souls to connect with.

    Much Love, Donna

    1. John Cali says:

      Thanks very much, Donna. I appreciate your support and kindness.