Aches and Pains by John Cali

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One night a couple weeks ago I was lying around doing nothing — just enjoying be-ing. For whatever reason, I started thinking about several recent clients who’d been dealing with physical challenges.

John Cali

Thinking about our clients reminded me of several close friends and family also with physical challenges. Most of these folks spoke of “aches and pains,” and sometimes far more than that. Lately I’ve had a few unusual, though minor, aches and pains myself, even though I’m in great physical shape.

As I was mulling all this over, Spirit “popped in.” They do that occasionally when I’m deep in thought.

Here’s what they said.

NOTE: This message is slightly longer than is typical for Spirit. And, I realize, it may be a bit controversial, at least for some folks.


Many of you are experiencing intense energies and feelings in your physical bodies these days.

As you all know, your Mother Earth herself is undergoing massive transformations and traumas — earthquakes, runaway oil spills, drought, severe heat and cold, and so on.

This is truly a time of huge, never-before-seen changes. It’s affecting every living being. And it’s affecting even what you call inanimate beings.

Your whole planet, including you humans, is “quaking in its boots,” if you will, with this massive, unprecedented era of change.

One of the effects of this change is what all or most of you are feeling in your physical bodies. You sometimes feel as if you’ve come down with some dreadful fatal disease. You’re having strange aches and pains in many parts of your bodies. Your sleep patterns are disrupted. Your relationships are disrupted. And so on.

Tonight we want to focus briefly on the reactions of your physical bodies during this time of change. And we want to assure you all is well.

Some of you are detecting/feeling “symptoms” in your bodies. Symptoms that a traditional medical doctor might describe as the onset of serious, even terminal, disease.

You may have heart palpitations, shortness of breath, stomach pains, muscle aches, sore necks and backs, stiff and sore joints. Your vision and hearing may feel like they’re failing. And so on.

Friends, we want to assure you this is all good. All of it!

“How can this possibly be good, Spirit?” you might ask.

What’s happening is what we would call a cleansing and realignment. As you move into the higher vibrations — what some of you call ascension or enlightenment — your bodies, as yet unaccustomed to those vibrations, are reacting in what seem to you to be negative ways.

What’s actually happening is your bodies are cleansing, realigning, and healing themselves. The intense energies have stimulated your bodies and caused them to begin the “ascension.”

One of the things your bodies must do to move higher is to rid themselves of any existing conditions that are keeping them in the lower densities. They must also rid themselves of any potential conditions that would hold them in the lower vibrations.

The end result of all this is you sometimes, maybe often, experience frightening “symptoms,” as we just described.

We want to assure you, friends, you are not dying. Of course, you’re all going to leave your physical bodies eventually. But for now most of you, the lightworkers, are going to stick around a while longer. After all, you yet have much work to do.

So be at peace with all this. You are merely going through a natural healing and balancing process. The symptoms you are experiencing are only signs you and your physical bodies are moving into greater light, into the light of God — the God you all are.

All is well.

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