Action Versus Allowing by John Cali

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In this week’s newsletter article, John and Spirit do a follow-up to last week’s article. Most of us are taught from infancy to always be doing. And yet the most masterful manifestors don’t do much at all. They simply allow what they’ve asked for to manifest in their lives — and it happens easily and effortlessly.

John Cali

Alan Cohen is a favorite author of mine. He’s one of those rare teachers who speaks fully from his heart and can uplift and inspire us with just a few words.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from Alan:

Rather than seeking to get rid of people who are unkind to you or import those who will adore you, recognize your deep deservingness to be with people you love.

That quote speaks to me on at least two levels. Yes, it is about relationships — obviously. But it’s also about another equally important issue: action versus allowing.

We live in an action-oriented world. In fact, I would describe it as an action-obsessed world.

We are exhorted from childhood to do our best, to do whatever it takes to be what the world defines as success. Not much is said about being true to ourselves or living a joyful life. Again, as Spirit and I have talked about many times, it’s that tired old cliché “No pain, no gain.”

In other words, if you want to be a “success” in life, you’ll have to suffer.

We’re always being prodded, even pushed, into action. And we often submit to that prodding and pushing, without any thought given to whether the action feels right or good to us. After all, “they” have said this is the “right” thing to do. And since “they” know better than we what’s best for us, we’d damned well better do what “they” say.

Sound familiar?

It ought to, especially if we pay much attention to the news media, government pronouncements, sermons from the pulpit, etc. Then it will sound very familiar.

Here’s Spirit.


As we said last week, there is nothing wrong with taking action. But action based on fear or force is not inspired action. There’s a huge difference.

If you act out of fear, dreading what might happen if you do not act — or if you feel forced to act — it is always counterproductive. And you know that by how you feel.

When you’re acting from fear or force, you simply do not feel good. And so you resist, and that takes you into a negative downward spiral.

However, when you’re acting from inspiration, you feel good, you feel great. You feel passionate, you feel alive. Acting from that centered place of power within you is always productive.

Remember, you live in a Universe ruled by vibration, by the Law of Attraction.

So that’s a short summary of where we stand on the subject of action. Now let’s move on to allowing.

We are not advocating against setting goals or taking action on those goals. Again, you live in a vibration-based Universe. When you have a desire and set a goal, you’ve set up a vibration that tells the Universe instantly what you want. And the Universe responds instantly.

It is at that point many of you go astray.

And so, to use the specifics of Alan’s quote, we totally agree with him that you should not take action to rid your life of people who don’t like you, or to go searching for people who might love you.

Neither of those actions is either appropriate or necessary. What is appropriate and necessary is for you to know you deserve to be with people you love, and who love you. And to allow them to come into your life. Then the Universe will respond to that knowing and bring you exactly what you want — people who love you.

This process applies to everything you have ever wanted. Acknowledge you are worthy, you are loved, you are deserving. Then simply allow what you’ve asked for to come to you.

Often, it will come to you without any action on your part. But if action is required, you will know it. And it will be inspired action. You will know it’s inspired because it feels good — and not fearful or forced. Instead, it will be easy and effortless.

Friends, manifesting your life’s desires is a far simpler process than most of you make it. It’s simply a matter of taking less action and doing more allowing.

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