Angels at Play: Another View of Life’s Other Side by John Cali

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John Cali

Last week’s newsletter title was Beyond the Veil: Life’s Other Side. Well, this week, we’ll talk about another view of life’s other side. A view, at least from a human perspective, that is a bit lighter than last week’s.

A couple of weeks ago, Wyoming’s weather gave us a break, gracing us with a warm, pleasant evening. Winter often comes early in this high country, and we’d already had snow in early September.

So I took advantage of the weather to sit out in the backyard and catch up on my reading. The sun was high over the mountains to the west. There’s a house across a large field on that side, but the sun’s bright light was obscuring my view of it.

As I immersed myself in my reading, I was dimly aware of several young girls laughing and romping in the backyard of the house across the field. Their playful noises drifted lazily in the background of my awareness.

Time slipped away quickly. Soon a soft, peaceful mood settled over the land as the sun slowly dipped behind the mountains and a purple twilight settled over my part of Wyoming.

The playful noises across the field had stopped–so abruptly, in fact, it shook me out of my pleasant reverie.

I looked over at the house across the field. The backyard was empty. Strange! And stranger still, it suddenly occurred to me the couple living in that house had no small children.

My mind suddenly filled with questions. What had I just witnessed? Those little girls were having the time of their lives. They really knew how to have fun and how to play. Was there a lesson here for me? Was this the Universe’s way of telling me life is all about having fun? Were these angels at play?


You are all angels at play. But you’ve forgotten that. And so we in these realms of the nonphysical occasionally send you messengers of joy, if you will. We send them as gentle reminders of who you are and of what life on earth is all about.

We use the word “reminders” because you already know who you are and what life is all about. As little children, you knew because you clearly remembered where you had just come from. But as you mature your human minds forget. And so we send you occasional messengers.

These messengers serve simply as gentle reminders to, as you might say, get back to your roots. Or, more appropriately, get back to your heights. Your heights of grandeur and glory–the true god and goddess selves you’ve forgotten.

We spoke last week of the “veil” between “life” and “death.” And we said that veil is nothing but an illusion created by your human minds–aided and abetted, of course, by your modern culture and the mass consciousness.

There truly is no veil, no separation, between what you call life and what you call death. Death is simply another aspect of–or, more appropriately, a transition to–the next step on your endless, eternal journey of life.

You have no ending and no beginning. You are forever. And wherever you are on this spectrum of forever, your soul intended it to be a joyful place. A place of greater growth and greater remembering of your true purpose, your true nature, your true being.

Life is good. Life is eternal. But, as humans, you sometimes lose sight of your greater being and your greater wisdom. And so we in the nonphysical realms often send you these playful messengers–these reminders–these angels at play.

We wish to let you know you also are angels at play.

Play well. Have fun. Be joyful. No matter what’s happening in your lives at this moment, we want you to know, beyond any shadow of doubt, you are on a perfect path. You cannot go astray. You are perfect, just as you are.

Enjoy the journey–YOUR journey. It is uniquely yours, and it’s all you have. It’s all you will ever have–just the journey. So you might as well have fun and enjoy your eternal role as angels at play.

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