Are You Burying Your Head in the Sand? by Barbara Clark

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My spirit guides and I often tell folks to focus on what they want, not on what they do not want. So is it wrong to ignore what you don’t want, even if it’s right there in your face? Is that burying your head in the sand?

Barbara Clark shares her perspective and wisdom with us today.

Spirit often tells people that their bodies can heal themselves if they get themselves out of their bodies’ way.

For a long time I wondered what the difference was between getting out of the way and putting your head in the sand. I definitely didn’t know the difference when I set out on my own journey of growth and expansion with a health issue three years ago.

With my background in EFT, ZPoint, Reiki, and Divine Love Healing, I knew there had to be an underlying emotional cause. I was sufficiently connected to my body to know what treatment it wanted or didn’t want. But I still was unclear about the difference between getting out of my own way and putting my head in the sand.

So for a time I put my head in the sand and travelled through the various stages, both emotional and physical, that I suspect many people facing so called potentially “serious” illness go through.

Because of my background, I missed out the “why me?” and “poor me” phases but I visited all the other places we can go when faced with dis-ease. If you find yourself in a “why me?” or a “poor me” stage, don’t beat yourself up about it. Accept it, be with it for a while, truly feel it, and know it will pass. You don’t live there, you are only visiting!

The disassociation phase is, I believe, a very important one. It was during this phase that I made a big discovery. Disassociation from the “dis-eased” part is the very last thing it needs. It needs love, true, deep love and appreciation. I gained deep knowing from my disassociation phase.

I needed to truly, truly love and appreciate my body, not just say the words, have an intellectual understanding or a belief. I had to love so deeply that the love truly permeated my cells. That is what they responded to. Although intellect and belief help, they are surface helpers. I needed to go far beyond that, into a deep, cellular loving and knowing.

When I got to that deep loving and knowing, I realised I’d discovered the difference between getting myself out of the way and putting my head in the sand. There was a level of true acceptance, deep love and knowing in getting and staying out of my body’s way. All the energy I’d used putting my head in the sand, and it takes a lot of energy to do that, was freed up to be used in a positive, loving, healing way.

We don’t think twice when our bodies recover from a cold, a pulled muscle, or a cut finger. Why then do we believe there are some dis-eases it can’t heal? That makes no sense to me.

I wish anyone who is faced with dis-ease a very loving journey. Be gentle with yourself.

With Love,

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9 Responses

  1. L

    Thank you Barbara for this wonderful post.

    I have not been successful yet at loving my body at a deep, cellular level.
    And although there is a lot of helpful information out there, I know I am
    the only one that can find the way.

    I have a book titled “Body Blessing”. It is about truly connecting with your
    body and part of that is loving it unconditionally.

    So, on this endeavour, it is very inspiring to read post like yours.

    Bless you.

    • Barbara

      Thank you, for your kind words, L.
      I wish you the very best of luck on your endeavour!


  2. Shirley McLain

    I am just now beginning on the spirituality road so I have a lot of confusion. What do you do to connect deeply, and if you do connect, how do you know?

    • John Cali

      Well, what works best for me is meditation. There are many different ways to meditate. So I’d suggest you explore some of them and see what appeals to you. Deepak Chopra’s organization has lots of good information on meditation. In fact, they’re sponsoring a free 21-day meditation beginning July 16. If that interests you sign up here:

      Hope that helps.

  3. Fern Rancourt

    Thank you for this inspiring post!
    Can you clarify how to get out of the way and “truly love and appreciate” our body so that “the love truly permeates” our cells? If it’s not saying the words, understanding or believing, is it mostly by accepting our condition and by feeling it (something I’m not sure how to do) that we do get out of the way so that our body can heal itself?
    Please clarify

    • Barbara

      Hi Fern,

      I can’t tell you exactly how I got there. I used all the techniques mentioned above regularly but I can’t say exactly what finally caused me to “get it”.

      It’s very difficult to explain a feeling, but it’s a feeling of deep connection, appreciation, surrender and acceptance. From that point on, I was able to focus purely on what I did want. That can be challenging when you are in pain, but focusing and repeatedly telling myself “I am healthy, whole etc” and not identifying with or giving any energy to the “ailment” finally got me through.

      I realise my answer isn’t very specific, but I hope it helps.


    • Barbara

      Dear Shirley and Fern,

      If you believe, as I do, that we chose our bodies before we incarnated it is easier to see them as our friends. We chose them for a reason and they have their own, innate wisdom.

      I also believe that physical dis-ease or discomfort is their way of alerting us to some emotional “issue” or imbalance we need to address. So we are on the same side, our bodies are never our enemies.

      With love,

  4. Barbara

    Thank you, Martha, for your incredibly kind comments. I am very touched.

    I know that our beloved Spirit disagrees with me on this, but in my experience, sometimes if you have had a trauma, or “crushing”, it is best to clear it with some of the wonderful energy therapy techniques available these days.

    You don’t have to re-live it, but you can clear the energy and emotion around it. After that it is much easier to find a sense of peace and then to focus on what you do want.

    Of course, not everyone needs to clear out the old “stuff” and you don’t want to get stuck in eternal clearing. But energy therapies certainly helped me.


  5. Martha

    Thank you, Barbara.

    What I feel when you speak is that you are an incredibly loving person.

    (It feels like warm honey..)

    I agree about focusing on what you do want vs what you don’t want as being the key to creation.
    Healthy denial. I have a harder time doing it. I’ve learned that all the years I spent in therapy etc focusing intensely on the problem never made me happy; it only made me an expert on my pain.
    And loving self is the key to not only well being but to being able to give and receive love from others.
    What would you say to those of us who have emotional “dis-ease” who find it very difficult to love ourselves? If you’ve been traumatized or crushed as a child it’s easier said than done.

    Thank you, Barbara, for your loving offering here today.


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