Can We Travel to Other Dimensions? by John Cali

In our last blog post we spoke of Jane Roberts and her spirit guide, Seth.

To me, one of the most intriguing Seth concepts is we are multidimensional beings. Our past, present, and future selves exist in the present moment, in “simultaneous time.” And they communicate with each other, each from their own dimension. Most of us call these our reincarnational selves.

Many years ago, my wife, son, and I had an experience I can only describe as multidimensional. Here’s what happened:

We were visiting the US Civil War battlefield at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on our way to New York one cold, grey autumn day. On the way back to our car, my son and I stopped at the men’s restroom. My wife waited for us just outside the entrance. When we came out a few minutes later, she was nowhere to be seen.

We were puzzled and thought she might have gone back to our car. But we didn’t find her there either. We wandered around looking for her, not knowing what to do. So we decided to go back to the men’s restroom.

There was my wife waiting patiently at the entrance. We asked her where she’d been, and she asked us the same question. She had not moved from that spot, she said. If she had been there, there’s no way my son and I could not have seen her. Neither did she see us when we came out. There was no possible way she could have missed us. Or so we thought.

Here’s what Spirit said about this:

“As strange as this little episode seems, such events are not extraordinary. In fact, they’re quite common. But you often do not recognize them, as John and his family did.

“When most of these events happen, you are traveling through time and space, traveling inter-dimensionally. Sometimes you don’t come back to the dimension you started from. Our ‘three musketeers,’ however, did return.

“The non-returnees, if you will, you often call ‘missing persons.’ They have not simply disappeared into some part of your ‘normal’ dimension, nor have they necessarily physically died. They sometimes remain missing forever from your dimension, even from your planet.

“This is such a common thing among you humans, but you rarely recognize it.”


Have you ever had similar experiences? Can we travel to other dimensions? Please comment below.

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  2. Lisa

    John & Spirit
    You NEVER cease to amaze me,I read this article and never heard this before,I have heard of having Past lives,Present & Future but not together!! This is very Interesting!! And I love your new Blog your have set up here, I have so much to learn for sure! Thank you very much for your newsletter & Spirit-Thank you so much for your input and answers to all our questions.

    Much Love & Respect to you all!
    Lisa Lankford

  3. marvin watson

    My girlfriend of many years and I often had experiences like this. She too was a channel and our guides often explained how we would sometimes not be vibrational to one another and therefore "fall out" of reality momentarily. One of us would experience an argument or something while the other would have a great day. At first it was quite the mind trip to think about, but after awhile it was fun.

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