Celebrate What’s Right with the World by John Cali

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Last week’s newsletter article, Happiness Revisited, generated some interesting feedback directed to me, and also a lively discussion at our Spirit Forum.
John Cali

It was clear, from the feedback and discussion, different people have widely different opinions of what happiness is. Some questioned whether true happiness can be sustained — or achieved, even if only momentarily. Especially in today’s world. So many people, instead of celebrating what’s right with the world, complain about what’s wrong with it.

As “coincidence” would have it, after we published the newsletter last week, I came across a video called Celebrate What’s Right with the World. It was a powerfully uplifting video tour by National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones.

Dewitt took viewers on an expertly photographed and colorful world tour, highlighting many of the incredibly beautiful places and people all over our planet. You could not watch it without feeling uplifted and — yes — happy.

Here’s Spirit.

Friends, we realize happiness is a seemingly elusive goal for so many of you. But do you know why?

We’ll tell you — because you’re looking in all the wrong places.

You will never find happiness “out there.” You will not find it in money, in sex, in your family, in your friends, in a physical place. You won’t find it anywhere except within yourselves.

Absolutely the best way to find it, and hold on to it, is to look for the good, for what’s right in the world around you.

The video John mentioned was so inspiring to him, and to everyone who watched it, because it highlighted what is truly right, good, special, and sacred about your world. There is so much of that!

And yet you often immerse yourselves in what’s “wrong” with the world. There’s never really been anything wrong with your world. It is simply the physical expression of the experiences you’ve chosen to create for yourselves in this lifetime.

Having said that, however, we will say it will benefit you immensely if you look for whatever feels good to you in your world. There’s far more good than “bad” out there. Do not allow yourselves to be force-fed a diet of everything the news media tell you is wrong. Deliberately, consciously seek out the good! It will uplift and inspire you.

Do you know why?

Because whenever you are doing or thinking anything that makes you feel good, you are at that moment powerfully connected to and aligned with your higher selves.

However, it is not what you’re observing out there, it is not being with those you love, it is not in having all your dreams come true that makes you happy.

It is you that makes you happy. It’s so simple, friends — anything that feels good to you fully aligns you with your higher selves.

In that alignment lies your happiness. You cannot not be happy, because your higher selves are eternally happy. When your human aspect remembers that, you also will be happy.

So look for good, what makes you feel good. Ignore all the rest. As simple as it sounds, that is the real secret to living the life of your dreams.

Celebrate what’s right with the world, what’s right with people, what’s right with you.

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