Quite a few folks Spirit and I have talked with lately are having a hard time accepting all the changes in their lives. Many of them are seeing so many profound, sometimes scary, changes on the planet today — and in their own personal and spiritual lives. This includes me. Might you also be one of these?

John Cali

When I was younger I absolutely hated change. The status quo, even though it may not have been my ideal, was better than facing the uncertainty of change. Sound familiar?

And yet we cannot avoid change. As Spirit has often said, “The only constant in life is change.”

While I don’t disagree with him on that, I would say there’s a bit more to it. He and I have discussed this privately.

Perhaps there is another constant, but one existing beyond our normal lives, whatever “normal” is for each of us. One we can always rely on for comfort and support. One which never ever changes.

Here’s Spirit.


We know how threatening and scary change can be for many of you. Especially today when your planet is inundated with so many daunting changes, with so many drastic shifts away from “the way things used to be.”

As you probably have heard us say before, change is not a bad thing. It’s not the demon many of you make it out to be.

Often change is a “cleansing,” if you will. A cleansing, a clearing out of the old ways so new energy, new ways of being can come in.

We have said many times before — as John pointed out — change is the only constant in life.

But we also agree with him there’s more to it than that. It is the “more to it” we wish to briefly discuss here today.

You’ve probably heard it said you are all one, everything is one. While that’s true, it’s often overused and can seem even trite and trivial.

You probably know what a hologram is. One tiny part of a hologram contains the whole of it. So if you split it into even a million pieces, each piece would hold the vision, the image of the whole.

In the same way, each of you can be seen as a hologram. Each part of you — the human physical part and the divine spiritual part — contains the whole of who you truly are.

And who are you truly? God.

You often see yourselves as separate from God, separate even from your higher selves. But you are not separate. You never have been. You never will be.

To carry this a bit farther, you are also not separate from your dreams, from all you have ever asked for in this lifetime. It’s all a part of who you are.

So, friends, once you let go of the myth of separation, you will find your lives becoming far more joyful and abundant. You will empower yourselves to live the lives of your dreams.

You are one. You are whole. You are God. That will never change.