There is never any justification for violence. There is no justification for hatred. There is no justification for murder. ~ Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts

Boot Hill Tombstone Arizona

Graves of men killed in gunfight at OK Corral
Boot Hill, Tombstone, Arizona, October 26, 1881
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I realize that’s a strange title for a spiritual blog and website. Let me explain.

In our small town, a week ago today, two teenage boys shot and killed three people for no reason other than to steal their car. This is a remote Wyoming town, and those things just don’t happen here—after all, the days of the Old West are long gone.

So the whole community is shocked and saddened. All five people involved, the dead ones and the killers, are from the local community, and known by many. One of the killers lives on my street.

The local sheriff said it was “cold-blooded murder.” The three dead people are a mother and father, and their daughter. Left behind were the daughter’s husband and her brother. The brother was quoted as saying they were all the family he had. The teenage boys have been arrested and jailed. The other details are not important.

This whole episode is certainly sad and tragic from a human perspective. The hearts and prayers of the community are going out to everyone affected by the murders. A palpable shroud of sorrow hangs over the town. Wyoming still has the death penalty—or capital punishment. Since the two boys are of legal age in Wyoming, they could be executed for their crime.

Seth, the spirit guide channelled by Jane Roberts, once said, “There is never any justification for violence. There is no justification for hatred. There is no justification for murder.” My spirit guides have always agreed with Seth’s words.

On the other hand, the Abraham group, as channelled by Esther Hicks, has been saying for years nothing can happen to us that we are not a vibrational match to. Again, my spirit guides agree with that.

I don’t dwell on events like this, and spend little time with the mainstream news media. But this happened right here, and just a few days ago. So it’s been on my mind a lot. Here are some thoughts and questions that came to me:

  • Did we plan our current lifetimes before we incarnated?
  • Was this a soul plan, or an agenda, these five people had?
  • We sow what we reap, but does that carry over from one lifetime to another?
  • Were the three dead people victims?
  • Were the two teenagers villains?
  • Were these deaths part of the karma of the five people?
  • Is it true, as Seth and my spirit guides say, that violence and killing are never justified?
  • Even in the face of this humanly horrifying act, is the death penalty justified?


In the Tuning In movie my spirit guides said Hitler was a catalyst for good. I know it’s hard to wrap our human minds around the brutality and horror of cold-blooded murder. It doesn’t matter whether it happens to only a few “victims,” as with the murders in my town, or to many millions as in The Holocaust of Hitler’s era.

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In your opinion, is killing ever justified? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.