Connection by John Cali

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One day many years ago, as I was getting off an airplane from a long cross-country flight, the stewardess (they called them that back then) at the exit door bid me a friendly goodbye. Our eyes met and locked for just a few seconds.

John Cali

There was nothing sexual about the encounter. But for those few seconds I was riveted by her beautiful blue eyes. It was an exhilarating experience, so memorable I can still see her across all the years.

Back then I didn’t understand what had happened. I do now.

Here’s Spirit.


It’s a tired old cliche that you are all one. While we’ve used that cliche in the past, we don’t think it’s entirely accurate. You are not all one, but you are connected. That connection is our topic for today.

In John’s experience with the stewardess that day, he and she were fully connected at the soul level for a few brief seconds. That feeling is always exhilarating and powerful.

You’ve all had such experiences one time or another. You probably couldn’t put words to the experience but you knew you had undergone a transformation.

These experiences are more common than you might think. They don’t always have to be an interaction with another person, though they often are. They can happen when you’re watching a child totally immersed in her play. You feel a connection. They can happen when you watch a dog running and jumping. You feel a connection. They can happen when you watch a beautiful sunset. You feel a connection.

What exactly are you connecting with?

You’re connecting with life, with God, with all that is. In those moments you feel a deep bond with the world, with all living creatures, with all that is.

You’ve transcended the illusion of your ego which says you are separate and alone. Instead, you’ve moved into that oneness you have with your soul. You’ve realigned with who you really are. That’s a powerful experience. That’s why it’s so exhilarating and exciting.

If you could be in that place of full connection with your souls (or higher selves, if you prefer) more of the time, your lives would become easy and effortless. Then, in most of your waking moments, you would know that excitement and energy of true connection.


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