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We have a fairly steady stream of new subscribers to our newsletter, and most are happy with it and with our website. But not everyone. One new subscriber asked me to remove her from our mailing list the day after she signed up.

John Cali

She said she’d never seen a website where there was so much for sale. How, she complained bitterly, was anyone supposed to figure out if what we had to offer was worthwhile?

The complaint didn’t make much sense to me, and I pointed out to her that our site has far more free information than items for sale. Apparently this lady hadn’t spent much time at the site. Nonetheless I thanked her for the feedback, and promptly removed her from our mailing list.

Underlying her complaint, I suspect, was an issue that comes up often in Spirit’s and my conversations with people. You can probably guess what that issue is — money!

I suppose the state of our global economy has exaggerated people’s fears around money and abundance. But the economy is not the root cause of those fears. It’s only the catalyst that brings the fears to the surface.

Also, there’s a strong suspicion among many that anyone doing “spiritual” work and taking money for it — or, in fact, anyone who easily attracts money — is somehow evil. Or at least greedy and selfish.

Here’s Spirit.


Do you know you can have as much money as you want? It’s as easy to create a million dollars as it is a penny. Creation and manifestation are the same process whether you want one penny or one million dollars.

Many humans want more money. Many are struggling with less than they need for their daily expenses and living costs. But it does not have to be that way. So what’s the problem here?

The problem is you.

There are many possible reasons you do not have as much money as you want. Probably the greatest one, based on our observations of humans, is the belief that money is somehow evil. And those who have a lot of it must, therefore, also be evil.

So you’ve set up these contradictory vibrations:

  • Money is evil.
  • I want more money.
  • But I have to be evil to get it.

In other words, you don’t believe money and goodness can exist side-by-side. It does not have to be this way! (There are other reasons people block money from coming to them. But those are for another discussion another day.)

We’ve said many times God is all that is, everything that exists. That includes money. So money and financial abundance are part of God. God is not evil and, therefore, money is not evil. Money is spiritual.

You can create all the money you want if you only give up your limiting beliefs. It really is that simple!


P.S. Here’s an interesting tidbit: American businessman Ted Turner supposedly once said “The world is awash in money.”

Do you suppose he believes that because he’s wealthy? Or is he wealthy because he believes it?


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