Death of A Dog by John Cali

If you love dogs, and all animals, as I do, you know the death of dog, or any pet, can be just as difficult as the death of a human family member.

My spirit guides gave me a comforting message shortly after the last dog in our family died. Here it is:

“If there is one major lesson your pets have to teach you, it is this: Live in the moment! And this: Love unconditionally.

“Your pets find joy, passion, and pleasure in every moment of their physical lives. Even when they appear to you to be suffering from some physical illness or injury.

“Pets—and all animals, in fact—have no fear of illness or death. And, more importantly, they have no fear of life. Hence they immerse themselves in all the pleasures of physical existence. And they do it without hesitation and without guilt.

“They are fully alive in every moment. Not a bad role model for you to follow!

“Animals do not live with the same ‘agendas’ you humans do. They have no desire to control or manipulate their fellow creatures, human or animal. Their intent is to simply live freely and joyously. They see little difference between life and death.

“No matter how awful (or peaceful) their transition from life to death appears to you, those transitions are always easy and effortless to them.

“And when they arrive ‘on the other side,’ they continue their joyful, exuberant, and happy lives, romping and playing with abandon.

“They often return to visit you. As do your human loved ones. But most of you are not open, at least not fully open, to that happening for you. When you do not believe, you cannot see. You often say, ‘When I see it, I’ll believe it.’ But it’s always the other way around—when you believe it, you’ll see it.

“You never lose those you love. If you remain open to them, ‘alive’ or ‘dead,’ you will always be comforted by them. You will feel their presence, their energy.

“And you will know you are loved.”

Adapted from Dogs: Heart-Warming, Soul-Stirring Stories of Our Canine Companions, by John Cali (Great Western Publishing, 2008)

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