Death Revisited by John Cali

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John Cali

As you may recall, we’ve dealt with the subject of death many times in past newsletters. In response to one of those newsletters, a friend sent us some intriguing comments and a question.

Here are excerpts from her letters:

This week’s topic (When Bad Things Happen to Good People) made me remember the question I sent you some time ago, because it deals with us who are left behind.

The other topics (in past newsletters) have all been about leaving life on earth, mainly to help overcome the fear of death. At least that is how I have understood them.

I — and probably most of the readers of your newsletter — know that we don’t really die, but just leave the “earth costume” and move on. Still, it doesn’t make it very much easier when a loved one dies.

How do I deal with the fact that I miss them here in this life, and that talking to them on “the other side” isn’t always enough?


Friends, you are not always physically present with your loved ones, even when nobody has died. And that perhaps is one of the dilemmas you face here — you believe, as long as someone is physically alive, you somehow have “better” access to them than you would if they were physically dead.

And yet the opposite is true.

You have far better access to those loved ones who’ve died than you do to those loved ones who still live. Granted, it’s a different form of access, a different way of communicating from what you’re used to.

And yet communicating with those in spirit is, in many ways, the most intimate way of communicating with anyone you love.

And why is that?

Well, you do not have the confusion and lack of clarity words often carry with them when you are talking to someone still in physical form. And, certainly, written communications carry that same danger and challenge. In fact, words are about the least effective way you communicate with one another.

When you are communicating with someone “telepathically,” as you sometimes describe it, the communication is almost always crystal clear. Nothing is hidden. On this level it’s impossible to deceive anyone.

The truth, the essence of who you are, is always clear. And you see each other with an amazing clarity and knowledge most of you do not have when communicating with one another in physical form, and with purely physical means.

You see, friends, you are all beings of pure energy. Always — no exceptions, even when you’re in a physical body.

And so if you communicate with each other on an energy level (that is, telepathically, to use your term again), then you are in that place where there is no confusion. Where there is perfect understanding and perfect love.

Now, having said all that, we realize you still miss the physical presence of a “dead” loved one.

That “dead” one, however, has never been more alive now that she or he is without a physical body.

So, yes, you — while you are still in a physical body — miss the physical body of your loved one. But you should take some comfort — considerable comfort — in knowing your communication with your loved one is now far more loving and clear than it ever was when you were both in physical bodies.

But that clear communication cannot happen until you get past your grief. Let yourself feel the grief. Do not beat up on yourself for feeling grief.

But know this: when you are grieving you are in a very different, and lower, vibration from the vibration of the one who has died. When you die, you are instantly transported into the high vibrations of the realms of spirit.

But rest easy in knowing, once your grief has passed, you will then have far greater and clearer access to your loved one than you ever knew on earth.

All is well, friends. Life and death are only normal experiences, only the ebb and flow of your eternal existence. Take joy in knowing you live forever, whether in human or spirit form.

All is truly well.

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