Does Praying Do Any Good? by John Cali

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Last week one of our newsletter readers sent us a question about prayer. She wondered if praying does any good at all. Or is it just an exercise in frustration and futility?

John Cali

Here’s our reader’s letter:

“Hi John and Spirit,

“Thank you for the years of support and truth.

“I would like to know about the purpose of prayer. I have prayed for people and thought that this would keep them protected and secure in the physical, and yet they still get hurt and leave the physical unexpectedly. I know we all leave eventually, but I thought we could pray to protect others from harsh experiences.

“Can you answer this question? What is the role of prayer? Does prayer have an impact on others?

“I remember when John wished he could see the beautiful mountain scenery on a recent drive. He simply wished it and then a cloud appeared and blocked the sun so that he could view the scenery while he was driving.

“I thought prayer worked like this for protecting and healing others. Please enlighten me.


Here’s Spirit.


Friends, prayer can be a most powerful force for healing and for creating the lives you long for — for yourselves and your loved ones.

We wish to address two issues today in regard to prayer.

First, as you might expect, is the attitude of the one doing the praying.

If you are the pray-er, what do you feel as you pray, whether it be for yourselves or others?

In many cases, you’re simply beseeching, begging “the Almighty” (whatever that is to you) to grant your wishes. You’re often coming from a place of fear and lack. You don’t really believe your prayers will be answered.

So, instead of praying and at the same time hoping against hope and envisioning the worst outcome, envision the best outcome. See it, believe it, expect it. Then it will happen. Though not necessarily in the form you want. But in absolutely the best form for the highest and best good of all concerned.

Our second point today is one you’ve heard us talk about often over the years:

You cannot create in the reality of others. You can influence them, love them. But you cannot create their experience for them. It’s impossible.

Let’s take a specific example here. Say you have a loved one who’s dying of some dis-ease or other. You certainly don’t want to see them in pain and suffering. Nor do you want to see them die.

But let’s say they do die. Have your prayers been a failure? No, not at all!

You have sent them love and light. You have helped them heal.

Whatever the outcome of their current experience, your prayers have had a powerful effect upon them. It’s not up to you to decide, or to even know, what is best for another.

Their experience of severe and even painful life-threatening health challenges may be exactly what they need at the moment.

Their death, even, can be exactly what they need at that moment. Death can be a healing. In fact, it’s always a healing because, at the moment of death, you are releasing all your worldly cares and emerging back into the state of perfect oneness with your higher selves.

Death is not the end of you. It is only a new beginning. So if through your prayers you have helped a loved one move on, you have not failed. (Even though death is not what you wanted for them.)

You have succeeded because you have helped them make their transition more easily and effortlessly.

Your prayers are never in vain. All is well.

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