Dogs and God by John Cali

Spirit has said our pets are often our spiritual teachers. Intriguing idea, isn’t it?
John Cali

In July this year we wrote an article, Heart to Heart. In that article Spirit said this:

“Animals, especially your domestic pets (as you call them) — and especially dogs and cats — are more often than not your teachers. They have little to learn from you. But you have much to learn from them.”

I know many of us dearly love our pets and often treat them as revered family members. But do we see ever them as our teachers — or as divine beings? Or are they just beloved but “inferior” creatures?

I recently came across this delightful short video about dogs and God. First watch the video (it’s only 2 minutes), then come back and read Spirit’s message.


What greater teacher could you have than one who’s fully connected to God and who loves you unconditionally?

That’s a perfect description, friends, of your pets, especially dogs and cats. But all animals, really, domestic or wild.

John once owned (or was owned by) a little schnauzer named Schnapsi. They were very close. This was many years ago at a difficult time in John’s life. Schnapsi was his constant companion. And a very loving one at that.

Schnapsi was also very perceptive and intuitive, as most dogs and cats are. He knew when John needed his love and support. He asked little in return, except to be there with his beloved master — though who was the real master is arguable.

Schnapsi was very connected to spirit, in some ways more than other dogs. He was able to dematerialize at will and then come back into physical form. Many animals do this easily and effortlessly — which is why they usually make the transition you call death more easily than humans do.

We could go on and on about Schnapsi, but we won’t. We do however want to describe what turned out to be Schnapsi’s “death sentence.”

Schnapsi took on much of the pain and turmoil John was feeling in his life at that time. The end result was Schnapsi developed a fatal brain tumor at the young age of only two years.

How’s that for unconditional love? He took on John’s troubles and died because of them. But his death was a wake up call for John, who then clearly saw the need to reclaim his power and move back into a place of peace and joy.

Dogs often do this sort of thing for their human companions. They truly are your teachers. They are God — just as you are.

P.S. When I sat down to channel this message I had no idea Spirit was going to talk about what was obviously a painful time in my life. But it was also a time of greater awareness and growth for me. Thank you, Schnapsi!


If you have a pet how do you see him or her as your teacher?
We want to hear from you!


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