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Our title this week is the affirmation I have taped above my desk. It’s also the affirmation I say to myself every morning when I wake up.

The daily results of using this affirmation almost always amaze me. Many days I feel I’m living in a dream world, but a real dream world.

That rosy perspective was severely challenged this week when I found a storm looming on my horizon. Let me explain.

My son is a world traveler because it’s part of his work. He loves what he does, and has been doing it many years. But the work can take him (and sometimes his wife and two children) into some pretty dangerous places. Like right now.

Many of you know, if you follow the mainstream news media, about the recent violence in Kiev in the Ukraine—and also in other Ukrainian cities. Right now, as I write this, my son is in the US embassy in Kiev—we just found that out this morning. One of the last reports I heard was the embassy was surrounded by protesters against the Ukrainian government.

The protests, which began in November last year, have remained relatively peaceful till this past week. Now they’ve turned deadly, with several deaths and many injuries on both sides.

I don’t pay much attention to the mainstream news, but I certainly have this past week. I’ve kept my family abreast of news from my son. One of them said to me this morning, “I can only imagine how worried you are!”

I had to stop and think about those words. Then I realized I was not worried. Deeply concerned, yes—but not worried. In fact, I feel peaceful. I know all is well, even though I have no way of knowing how all this will work out.

My spirit guides say worry is creating something we do not want. Worry is projecting the worst possible scenario out into the ethers. In fact, they have said worry and guilt are two of the most useless and counterproductive feelings humans can hold.

So why am I not worried? Because I truly believe that title of our article today—everything always works out. Most of my life I did not believe that. It’s been only in recent years I’ve come to see the wisdom of that affirmation.

Everything really does work out for all of us—if we let it. And how do we let it? By trusting that the universe, God, the spirits and angels have our best interests at heart. And they will always help us if we do not get in their way. They are with us always, and in all ways.

It’s that simple, at least for me.


This video has an obvious traditional religious perspective. But it also carries a powerful message, even if you disregard the religious aspects of it. Truth lives everywhere!

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Do you find yourself worrying about things you have no control over? Or is it easy for you to trust you and your loved ones—all humans, in fact—are always in good hands? Please share your thoughts and comments with us.


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