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I realize that’s a screwy-sounding title. Let me explain.

The other day I was out walking home from jogging in my semi-rural neighborhood. I passed a house with a “For Sale By Owner” sign planted in the front yard next to the road. The only problem was the owners had parked their truck directly in front of the sign.

No one driving by would have been able to see the sign. The only reason I saw it was because I was walking. Yet almost no one walks in this semi-rural area.

That truck was a perfect symbol for what so many of us do when we ask for something to manifest in our lives. We put out the sign (ask). Then we block the sign with our truck (our negative thoughts).

We’ve covered this subject in one form or another many times over the years. Yet it keeps coming up in personal readings with Spirit, and in our correspondence with many folks. And almost daily I see people around me challenged and baffled by this issue.

Here’s Spirit.


You live in a Universe of vast abundance and well-being. Everything you could possibly imagine is literally at your fingertips. It is as easy to manifest a million dollars as it is to manifest a penny.

Your birthright, as children of the Universe, as the powerful creators you all are, is abundance, well-being, joy, all the good things you could ever possibly imagine in your life.

Now let us ask you a question: Do you believe, in your heart of hearts, what we’ve just said?

Or do you perhaps want to say something like this: “Well, Spirit, that all sounds fine. And I can see it happens some of the time for some of the people, and even for me on rare occasions. But I don’t see all that as a common experience, at least not in my life.”

Or something like that — is that the way your inner dialogue might go when we say you can have it all — all your dreams?

There you have obstacle number one: your belief in scarcity is stronger than your belief in abundance.

And now let’s discuss obstacle number two.

You ask the Universe — the Great Spirit, God, Goddess — whatever name you prefer for Source Energy. You ask for something specific. Let’s use a common example. You want to manifest your perfect lover.

So you sit down and think about the wonderful qualities you want in this perfect lover. You might even write a list. Then you put your desire out to the Universe — you pray, you ask, you present your wishes in whatever way feels comfortable to you.

That SHOULD be the end of it. You’ve done all you need to do. You’ve gotten clear on what you want and you’ve asked for it.

The Universe responds instantly. It begins orchestrating all the details, aligning all the energies needed to bring you your perfect lover. It can find a thousand different ways to bring her or him to you.

All you have to do is stay out of the way. But often you don’t.

You start wondering why s/he hasn’t shown up yet. You start wondering if s/he’ll ever show up. You start looking at the troubled relationships among your friends, and you wonder if that will happen to you too. You start wondering if you’re worthy of this perfect lover, if you deserve to be that happy.

And on and on — you get the idea.

But all you really have to do, once you’ve asked, is to go about your merry business. Look for the positives in your life, in yourself, in your friends, in the world around you. You don’t even have to give your perfect lover another thought. All you have to do is KNOW s/he is on the way. All you have to do is seek joy in every aspect of your life — big joys and little joys.

The more joyful you are, the more quickly and easily you will manifest your lover, or anything else you want, for that matter.

It really is that simple. You ask. The Universe answers. Then go play and have fun. Your perfect lover is on the way. It cannot be otherwise for, as it’s been said in your bibles and in many other formats, “Ask and you shall receive.”

That’s it! All you have to do is ask. Then go seek your joy, and all you wish for WILL manifest.

Manifesting is about the simplest, easiest thing you’ll ever do once you believe “Ask and you shall receive.”


Are you aware of the ways you block the manifestations you want? We all do it, at least now and then. Please share with us below.

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