Frank’s Barber Shop Revisited by John Cali

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John Cali

A couple days ago, I went to Frank’s Barber Shop for my regular haircut. A visit to Frank’s is always a fun adventure.

A few years ago, Spirit and I did a newsletter article called Down at Frank’s Barber Shop about the first time I ever visited Frank. Here’s part of what I said in that article:

When I walked in, Frank, busily cutting hair, paused and gave me a big smile and a friendly greeting. He was a trim, obviously fit . . . man with a thick mane of graying hair, and a beard to match. His eyes twinkled with joy and a mischievous sense of merriment. . . . He (obviously) had an amazing talent for uplifting people, seeing the best in them, and having great fun all the while. . . . Here was this man, elderly by our society’s standards, and yet the joy of life was so powerfully alive in him. He looked and acted so young! And it was contagious. I could see it in his customers, and I could feel it in myself. Frank loves himself, his customers, and his life. Most of all, he knows how to have fun. . . . Fun is the order of the day down at Frank’s Barber Shop.

My most recent visit to Frank brought home to me an even greater awareness of the great blessing he is to all of us fortunate enough to know him. I’ve seen folks come into Frank’s shop looking glum and gloomy. But when they leave they’re smiling and happy. I’m almost always positive, upbeat, and happy. But every time I leave Frank’s place, I feel like I’m walking six inches off the ground.

Here’s an ordinary guy doing an ordinary job. But he’s touching people in an extraordinarily powerful way. What a gift!

Here’s Spirit.


You are all powerful beings. But most of you don’t know it. And so you, as the saying goes, “hide your light under a bushel.”

While hiding your light might seem the wise thing to do, it never is — never!

Friends, you did not come to this lifetime to hide yourselves or your gifts and talents. All of you — no exceptions — have many gifts to offer your sisters and brothers.

Each of you is unique and special. There is not one other being like you — never has been, never will be. What you have to offer others is special and unique. No one else can do what you can do in exactly the way you do it.

We would love for you to see yourselves as the powerful, light-filled beings we see you as.

For if you had this clear, uncluttered vision of yourselves, you would never hide your light — or yourselves.

It’s really pretty simple. All you need to do is be happy — find joy wherever you are. Where you are may not be the place of your dreams. But the quickest way to get to the place of your dreams is to find joy, pleasure, and passion right where you are now.

Joy is always available to you, no matter how horrid your human circumstances may appear to your human eyes. You can always find joy, find the good in all your experiences.

When you make up your minds to do just that — to find joy wherever you are — you will radiate that joy out to everyone around you. And it will have a ripple effect that will travel out to the farthest reaches of the Universe.

Frank is doing exactly that. He is finding joy in his own perfectly “ordinary” life. And in finding and living that joy, he is doing far more good for your planet than any of even your most powerful leaders could ever do.

Life is really simple. It’s all about joy. If you’re finding and living your joy, you are a success.

Joy is the only true measure of success. The more of it you have, the more of it you can give away. And the more and more successful you will be.

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