Fun and Joy by John Cali

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Spirit is always saying life should be fun — and you can always find joy in even the most awful experiences.

John Cali

People sometimes tell me it’s nearly impossible for them to find fun in life, especially with all the stresses of the modern world. And when they have challenging experiences, it’s hard to find much joy there.

Is that your experience? It was mine when I was younger. I’m not “perfect” yet, but I’ve succeeded in finding more fun and joy in my life as I move through the years.

Years ago, one of my favorite television programs was Mash. For those who might not remember, it was a weekly show about a mobile army surgical hospital (hence, “mash”) during the Korean War. It starred Alan Alda as surgeon Hawkeye Pierce, and a cast of many other talented actors and actresses.

Although fictional, there were some pretty realistic and graphic scenes in the shows, including some clips from actual news reels of that era. But even in the goriest, bloodiest of those shows, the characters usually found something to have fun with and to be joyful about.

The events of January 8 in Arizona reminded me of Mash. The US is riveted on all the human horror of that day, which is understandable. A well-known politician, in commenting on that day, said “I hate violence. I hate war.”

Hating anything, even violence and war, is not the solution. As much as our mainstream news media focus on such events, there is far, far more good news out there than most folks imagine. It just never makes its way into the mainstream news headlines.

Here’s Spirit.


Life is not all that serious. It’s supposed to be fun. Now we realize those statements, in view of John’s introduction, might be upsetting to some. But they’re true.

Your souls, when they chose to come into your current lifetimes, had a pretty good idea of what they were getting you into. Sure, they knew there would be challenges. There would be experiences, such as the Korean War or the events in Arizona. None of which most of you would consider desirable.

And yet even from those experiences much good often comes. At the minimum, they give humans the incentive to do whatever it takes to erase such experiences from the face of your planet.

Obviously you haven’t completely succeeded in that — yet. But you will. You must.

All of this is part of your growth as individuals, as countries, as a planet, a global community. And while none among you would consciously seek out these experiences, they truly can work for your highest good.

Your souls know that. They chose this particular time in your human history for you to return to the planet. They know this vast diversity and contrast your planet holds at this time are powerful vehicles for transformation — the transformation of every one of you and your beloved planet.

You are transforming into a much higher vibration — what some of you are calling “ascension.” This is all part of that process.

As John said, there is far more “good” news out there than “bad” news. You have to look for it, but when you do look it’s easy to find.

Focus on what’s right with your world, on all the quiet unsung acts of kindness and love, on all that’s right and good in your own lives. Look for the good in all that is. Even humans such as the Arizona gunman have good in them. Well hidden, perhaps, but still there.

You are all doing very well, and we know you are doing the absolute best you can. Your souls know that. We know that. And we want you to know that.

Your souls, and whatever you might perceive God to be, know none of this is serious. You’re all going to make it home.

So do your best to find some fun along the way. Look for good in yourselves, in others. Celebrate life. Be joyful. Be joy.

When you do that you will raise your own individual vibration and consciousness, thereby helping to raise the vibration and consciousness of others and of your entire planet.

Every thought you think has powerful effects on everyone and everything on the planet. So choose thoughts of love and peace. Have fun. Be joyful.


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