GNBC: Good News Broadcasting Company by John Cali

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John Cali

I can hear you all saying it: “Well, Cali’s come up with another weird title!” But it got your attention, didn’t it? 😉

Seriously though, one of the questions Spirit and I get asked most frequently goes something like this:

“You guys are always saying we’re supposed to live joyful lives, and that was our souls’ intent when we came into these physical bodies. Well, how can we be joyful when the world is filled with tragedy, death, disease, disasters of all kinds?”

Is that what the world is really like? I wonder . . .

Of course, there isn’t any such thing as GNBC. But I was lying in bed one morning this week just after I woke up. I started thinking to myself how nice it would be if there really was a GNBC, a company that broadcast only good news.

It would be a refreshing change, wouldn’t it? It just might tell us what the world is really like.

Here’s Spirit.


Is your world really in a terrible state? Are poverty, disease, death, disasters of all kinds running rampant? Is your world a joyless place of suffering from which there is no escape, save death? Do you want to escape from your life, from the world you live in? If you do, why?

Probably because many of you believe the world is, quite simply, a bad place to be. Your lives are nothing but joyless, empty journeys you’re forced to endure for a time. And then you escape into the arms of death. But death is also a thing to be feared, is it not?

And so here you are, afraid of living, afraid of dying. Quite a dilemma, wouldn’t you say?

What we’ve just described is so far from the truth, so far from the REAL reality, it’s almost ludicrous.

And yet your modern society would have you believe life is tough and death is tough and, in fact, they’re supposed to be tough. And so all you have to look forward to is a tough life and a tougher death.

We may be beating this thing a little hard here today. But it is exactly what most of your society’s mainstream organizations and “authorities” are foisting upon you. You know, the litany goes something like this:

“Work hard, struggle, sweat blood, shed tears–and you might carve out some small niche of success for yourself. But don’t count on it. After all, life is a struggle, and the only chance you have of some small glimmer of happiness in this lifetime is your willingness to suffer, sacrifice, endure endless pain and loss.

“And then you might make it, but probably not. The odds are against you. Something’s going to get you–disease, terrorists, your friendly neighborhood murderer or rapist. You really don’t stand much of a chance of being happy. And perhaps you won’t even survive into a ripe old age. You know, those ‘golden years’ when you can relax and finally enjoy the fruits of your lifelong struggles.”

And so on and on the litany goes. If you pay a lot of attention to your mainstream news media, to your governments, to your churches–perhaps even to your friends and family–you’ll notice a common theme: Life is tough and the world is a dangerous place.

These organizations and people, well-intended though they probably are, seek out all the “bad” news there is to be found. They work really hard at ferreting out all the things going wrong on your planet. And then that’s ALL they talk about. And if that’s ALL you pay attention to, then you will surely feel pretty awful about your life and your world.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some organization focused solely on bringing you good news? Wouldn’t it be nice if every morning when you woke up you could hear about all the things going right on the planet? All the good folks helping others less fortunate. All the doctors and healers succeeding at bringing their patients back to a state of perfect health. All the people succeeding financially. All the people who did not have traffic accidents today. And so on and on.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Our point is there is far more good happening on your planet than there is bad. Good is dominant. For every single death on your highways, there are countless thousands and thousands of those who made is safely through the day.

Good news happens far more often than bad news. But bad news is all you ever hear about, isn’t it?

Anybody out there interested in starting her or his own GNBC?

We are joking a bit here with you. But you might want to think about that. You’d be doing the world a great service. And you just might find a lot of joy and success flooding into your own little world–and then out to the larger world around you.

Even if you never affected another human life, you would positively affect your own life. Because when you focus mostly on good, that’s what you create more of in your own life.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone on the planet did that?

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