God by John Cali

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A dear friend I met many years ago recently asked me about God. Might as well start with the small stuff!

Here’s part of what he wrote:

“When somebody is close to God, they are unstoppable. I know God is there but (s/he) keeps well hidden from me. Maybe Spirit would dare to take on the question of how we best attempt to relate to God?”

John Cali

As you might imagine, this is a question we get often in personal readings. People want to know who and what God is, what part God plays in our lives, how we can connect with God, and so on.

Good questions.

Here’s Spirit.

We can wrap this up very quickly (humorously):

You are already connected to God because you are God. But you probably want a few more details.

Friends, you need look no farther than the tip of your nose, or the eyes in your mirror, to find God.

You already know that. But you quickly and often forget.

We and others have defined God as all that is — and All That Is.

We mean that literally. God is not only a part of all that is, but all that is is God. It’s that simple.

To put it another way, you cannot be separate from God. It’s impossible.

Of course, we realize when you’re going through your earthly traumas and dramas you don’t always feel close to God. But, as we said, s/he is always right there within you, beside you, all around you. You just forget that sometimes.

We define love as the choice to see the divinity in all beings, all life — even what you call “inanimate” objects (like a rock). It’s all God. It’s all good. Period!

When all of you see God in this way, you will automatically put an end to war and to killing one another. If God was capable of being insulted, the greatest insult you could give him/her is to wage war “in God’s name.” As you have done for centuries.

So to answer our friend’s question how you can best relate to God, you don’t have to find a way to relate at all. You already are related. It cannot be otherwise.

But again, because you forget, you need occasional reminding. The best way to remind yourselves is to simply say to yourselves each day, “I am God also.”

Look in the mirror, deeply into your own eyes, when you say it.

Do you love God? Then you must love yourselves. When you love yourselves, you will love all that is — and All That Is.

God is always with you. God is you. You are never alone.


What do you do when you need reminding you are God? We want to hear from you!

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