One of my family has a reputation for being quick to anger. He explodes for the slightest, most insignificant, reason.

Berna and I have a neighbor who’s also quick to anger for the slightest reason.

Not surprisingly, both these people have serious, life-threatening heart problems.


Humans often use the word “heart” to mean various things. But usually you mean the central part of an issue or concern you have in your life.

The word is certainly appropriate in that context.

Your physical heart, after all, is the “central part” of your physical body. Without a properly functioning heart, your physical body cannot survive.

So it behooves you to care for your heart in every way—physically, mentally, spiritually.

The two people Johnny mentions in the introduction have serious, life-threatening heart issues. The anger both are often quick to express physically damages their hearts.

Anger (and any strongly negative emotion) also damages people spiritually and mentally.

Now, we are not telling you it’s always wrong to express anger. But when anger becomes a dominant habit, or a way of life, then it can literally kill you.

Any negative emotion, but particularly anger, will always hurt your heart. But when it is a steady habit, your way of life, it also often becomes your way of death (physical death, that is).

The main point we want to make here today is you are all powerful creators. You can create negatively or positively. But you cannot not create.

The health (physical and spiritual) of your heart determines the health of your life. The key to a healthy and happy life is a happy and healthy heart.

So it’s important for you to be fully present in each moment with love and compassion for yourself. The more such moments you have, the more you will find your body, mind, and heart becoming whole once again. And the more you will touch others and help them heal their hearts.

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Edited by Berna Copray


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