God must become an activity in our consciousness. ~ Joel S. Goldsmith

clouds-79051__180Light from the Heavens

Last weekend, as I was walking out of the grocery store, I saw a tiny elderly lady walking toward me. She had a cane and was hobbling, struggling to just take one step at a time. Suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks, grimacing. Obviously she was in great pain.

I walked over to her and quietly asked if I could help. She hesitated a moment, then looked up as our eyes met for several seconds. With a smile, she replied “I’m okay, thank you.”

She had the sweetest smile and voice. As we gazed into each other’s eyes those brief seconds, she was literally transformed right before me.

Instead of a bent old woman in great pain, I saw a lovely young woman of amazing grace and beauty. There was a bright light radiating all about her, and great love in her beautiful eyes.

Then the young woman vanished.

Although this sounds like pure fantasy, it was real.

As I walked to my car, I realized that young woman I saw was the old woman, many years ago. But now, in a much older body, she still carried a beautiful, ageless light that radiated from within. You might call it the light of God. That’s who she truly was, regardless of the condition of her body.

My heart just went out to her. Her transformation right before my eyes had transformed me in mere seconds. I felt an overpowering awareness that we truly are all one — one with each other and one with the light of God.

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In this video Gary Zukav talks about expressing the light of God at the 2014 Unity Worldwide Ministries convention. (You may want to turn your volume up — the sound is a bit low.)


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