Inter-dimensional Traveling, Part 2 by John Cali

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We received many interesting comments and questions in response to our recent newsletter article, “Inter-dimensional Traveling.” So we thought we’d do a follow-up. If you missed that newsletter, or want to re-read it, go here.

John Cali

One of our readers sent us these questions. They’re typical of questions from other readers:

  • Do we just disappear and live in another dimension with the same consciousness?
  • What do we think of our new-found place?
  • Do we think we have made our transition?
  • Do we meet people we are already familiar with?

Another reader sent us some insightful comments:

  • It is not the reality that is flashing on and off. Rather it is the observer, the point of our attention, that is flashing on and off. . . . It is we, the observers, who are moving . . . .
  • Normally we flash repeatedly into the same reality, ordered in a linear time sequence. But we don’t have to.
  • In this framework, no one universe would be more “real” (than) any other . . . they all exist simultaneously.

Pretty thought-provoking stuff!

Here’s Spirit.


Friends, in the “greater” reality, there is no time. Certainly not linear time. Linear time is simply a tool you have created to help you understand your human experience. Time isonly that, nothing more.

To take this to the next level, everything that has ever existed still exists. Everything that exists now will always exist. Everything that exists in what you call the future exists now.

In one simple sentence, time and everything that was, is, will be are simultaneous. They all exist now, in the eternal now.

For example, when you physically “die,” all that’s happened is your human point of focus has shifted to what you might call another dimension, the next life, or a probable reality.

What all this boils down to is this: Nothing ever changes, at least not in the way you perceive change. What absolutely does change is your focus. That’s changing constantly.

When you move into another so-called “dimension,” you are merely shifting your focus to another part of your greater reality, the reality your higher selves see clearly “all the time.”

That is what “death” is, that is what happened to John and his family (our newsletter two weeks ago), and so on.

Your greater reality, as experienced by your higher selves, is available to you continuously. You live in many dimensions simultaneously. But from your human minds’ perspective, you break that reality into understandable parts — that’s what linear time is all about. Without linear time, you would literally go out of your minds. Your human minds, that is.

Your higher selves understand all this. It may seem baffling to you at first. But if you simply “go with the flow,” as you say, and trust what you feel within, then it will begin to make sense. Not necessarily on a logical level — your human minds can never grasp this fully. But your higher selves, who speak most clearly to you through your intuition, always grasp this fully.

All that’s really changing is your focus, from one aspect of your greater reality to another, and another, and so on. Ultimately you will all come to see and experience this as your higher selves see and experience it eternally.

Just trust and have fun with all this. It’s not that serious! All is well.


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