Inter-dimensional Traveling by John Cali

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I thought we’d do something different this week, something fun and lighthearted. Of course, everything we do here is fun. But it’s not always lighthearted. Anyway, I’ve always been fascinated by this subject.

John Cali

Many years ago my wife Theresa, our young son John, and I were visiting Pennsylvania’s Gettysburg Civil War Battlefield. For those of you outside the USA, this is one of the better known battlefields of the 1861-65 US Civil War.

We’d always loved visiting Gettysburg and sometimes stopped there when traveling from our home in Virginia to my family in western New York State.

This may sound like a strange thing to say about a battlefield, but I always found a deep sense of peace in the broad vistas and energies of those gently rolling hills. I can’t explain it, but I can certainly feel it every time I’m there.

Anyway, we visited Gettysburg on our way to New York one cold, grey autumn day. On the way back to our car, my son and I stopped at the men’s restroom. My wife waited for us just outside the entrance. When we came out a few minutes later, she was nowhere to be seen.

We were puzzled and thought she might have gone back to our car. But we didn’t find her there either. We wandered around looking for her, not knowing what to do. So we decided to go back to the men’s restroom.

There was my wife waiting patiently at the entrance. We asked her where she’d been, and she asked us the same question. She had not moved from that spot, she said. If she had been there, there’s no way my son and I could not have seen her. Neither did she see us when we came out. There was no possible way she could have missed us. Or so we thought.

Only now, many years later, have I asked Spirit what happened that cold dark day under those gloomy grey skies of Gettysburg.

Here’s Spirit.


John has described this story’s scene perfectly — “that cold dark day under those gloomy grey skies of Gettysburg.”

That may seem a little dramatic. But it was perfect for the way he, Theresa, and young John were feeling that day.

As strange as this little episode seems, such events are not extraordinary. In fact, they’re quite common. But you often do not recognize them as John and his family did.

When most of these events happen, you are traveling through time and space, traveling inter-dimensionally. Sometimes you don’t come back to the dimension you started from. Our “three musketeers,” however, did return.

The non-returnees, if you will, you often call “missing persons.” They have not simply disappeared into some part of your “normal” dimension, nor have they necessarily physically died. They sometimes remain missing forever from your dimension, even from your planet.

This is such a common thing among you humans, but you rarely recognize it.

We ask you to be alert for these occurrences in your everyday personal lives. If you’re alert and looking, you’ll know when you’re having such an experience.

We want you to approach this lightly, not in any heavy-hearted way. Just have fun with it. You might as well enjoy it, for it happens often.

When you return back to these dimensions where we are, you’ll do this inter-dimensional traveling all the time.

After all, that’s what we’re doing when we visit with you through John.

All is well. Be joyful. Have fun with all of this!

P.S. from John:
Those of you in the USA have a most Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. And those of you outside the USA have a most Happy Thursday. We all have much to be grateful for.


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