Is Peace on Earth An Impossible Dream? John Cali

Our thoughts turn to peace on earth every year at this holiday season. That’s particularly appropriate this year, as we’re preoccupied not only with conflicts around the world, but also with the all-too-frequent and vicious violence in the United States.

As you all know, 27 adults and children died in a bloodbath at a school in Connecticut last week. Then the gunman killed himself, bringing the death toll to 28.

Here are a few of Spirit’s thoughts about all this:

  • You have somehow been convinced there is not enough room for all of you on your planet. And so you wage war on those who are different from you.
  • Peace on earth must always—no exceptions—begin within yourselves.
  • Unless you are feeling peaceful in your hearts, minds, and bodies you have nothing to contribute to world peace.
  • Every hateful thought you hold further wounds your world.
  • Every loving thought you hold helps heal your world.
  • You cannot create peace by waging war. You cannot create peace by protesting war.
  • You are all connected. You are one. When you see that clearly you will have begun to create peace on earth.
  • Then worldwide peace becomes an achievable goal.
  • Love is the answer. There is no other. 

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Do you believe peace on earth is possible? What can you do to help create more peace? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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27 Responses

  1. Robin Becker

    I still say everybody creates their own world. My world is peaceful because I chose it to be. I don’t watch what others are doing and don’t feed any negative attention to it. There will always be contrast. We have the freedom to sort through it and choose what we want to be a part of or we don’t.
    We each have two aspects of who we are – the physical and non physical that are always connected. Our non-physical Source is older, wider, broader, all knowing, all loving. Our emotions are our guide on letting us know how we are doing. If we are feeling negative feelings, that is communication from our Source guiding us to better thoughts and feelings. If we stay on the path of negative thoughts and feelings we attract the vibrational equivalent into our experience. Many don’t know or get this yet. They watch all the negative news that the media plays out ..they even add dramatic music to it. They tend to find the worst stories they can find and make it your world if you chose to watch. They are creating fear, anger, judgment all which dis-empowers their viewers. People start believing this is the world as a whole and get caught up in the negative vibrational stream of thinking. By the powerful Law of Attraction that governs all- they then attract experiences, stories, people into their life experience that match their vibration.

    I chose what experience and I want which peace, love, happiness and joy. That is what I am getting. I don’t allow the media or anyone else affect my vibration because I like all others have the power to chose. That to me is what freedom is all about. We get to chose where we put our focus.

    My heart and love go to those caught up in tragedies..but I cannot know what any single persons vibration or intentions were. Feeding any negative thoughts or feelings into it can and will affect my experience and add to an already negative vibration. So I have to instead focus on a more peaceful, loving world. Think now of all the negative attention being fed on an already tragic situation. I saw a video of the President giving his love and prayers to family involved. I was overwhelmed by all the comments below the video..there was so much hate, anger and judgement. What kind of world is being created there?

    It is an inside job. We are the Creators of our own experience. We each get to chose how we want our world to be and consciously and very deliberately…put our focus there. If we put our focus on what others are doing all the time especially through the media..we would all be sad..all the time.

    I choose peace, love, happiness and joy..that is my focus. I wake up each day appreciating all the amazing, beautiful people, animals and experiences in my life. The health of my body and the abundance that comes. If everyone made a similar conscious choice, then yes I believe the world, our beautiful planet, could become a peaceful place.

    I know this can be..I have gone from one extreme to the other. A bad world, a sick body and a very difficult experience. Once I took responsibility for my choices of thoughts and what I put my focus on, I now live the happy, peaceful world and have the healthiest body I have ever had. It was completely an inside job that no one else but me could fix.

    Sorry this was so long! Lots of love and light to you all. Have a beautiful holiday and again, a huge thank-you to John for allowing us to express our views here and for sharing such brilliant wisdom from you and Spirit ♥

    • John Cali

      Thank you so much, Robin, for your touching, eloquent comments. You said it all beautifully!

      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


  2. steve

    Who can honestly say what the original intention was for the behaviour of living beings on this planet? It is not enough to just nod our heads and agree that we are all Gods. If we are Gods then we are abdicated Gods, Gods with amnesia. We need to have a look at who or what is sitting on our throne. And we need a strategy to remove them before we can reclaim our rightful place. Love is a strategy that will only succeed if enough people on this planet adopt it and believe it and apply it.
    As for the shooting, i believe this is about more than some lone kid with a personality defect and i am surprised that spirit doesnt have any further comments to make about the agenda behind this so-called spate of lone nut killings. The agenda is about gun control and disarming the American people, and also on furthering the agenda towards turning schools and colleges into prison camps with high-tec surveillance, microchip tagging, fingerprinting, cameras in toilets, dehumanising imagery, high fences supposedly meant to protect but when you look from the outside resemble something more like concentration camps every day.
    Eye witnesses at Sandy Hook, Aurora, and in the Sikh Temple shootings, as well as in Columbine, all talk about multiple shooters, highly trained phenomenally well-equipped military style executions. And yet the official stories come out with the lone nut and so many people swallow it. And immediately after we hear the cries of gun control and disarm the American people. Well whose agenda does it advance to disarm the American people? Ask yourselves that. If military are on the streets of America at some point in the not too distant future, whether they be American military or chinese or russian military, prompted by some event, or a declaration of martial law, then don’t you think it would suit those military down to the ground to have a disarmed populace to deal with? So much easier to control. All those empty FEMA camps waiting to be filled, trains filled with hundreds of thousands of shackles, to transport who exactly? And all those empty hundreds of thousands of coffins on standby for what exactly.These shootings are deliberately orchestrated for an end result of total gun control, and also keeping the populace in a state of fear. Scared to go to the school, scared to go to the temple, scared to go to the cinema. Suddenly people are demanding more armed police on the streets,more cameras,more controls. But if they were just to stop and think they would perhaps realise that they are only helping to build their own prison. So much for wanting to free your minds and be like Gods. If you are truly Gods then there is nothing to fear.
    Best wishes to you John.

  3. beachdrifter

    The idea of “Peace on Earth” used to appeal to me, but it no longer does. Now that I fully understand the value that contrast provides for this world, my perspective has changed quite a bit.

    Of course, I wish peace for all those who are seeking it, but I would never want to deprive anyone of whatever experience they are choosing. And it may be hard to hear, but there are people who thrive under those conditions, so much more than they ever would in what we would call a “peaceful” environment.

    This world was never intended to be completely void of conflict, nor will it ever be. And that is a very, very good thing!

    Here’s a quote from Abraham on this topic:

    “Two statements that will serve you very well. The first is: There will always be war. There will always be those who aggravate within others a sense of trouble in order to promote the solution that they already have their mind made up about. And so you’re never going to come into agreement as a mass consciousness that this is “the way.” There will always be disagreements; therefore, there will always be turmoil; there will always be war.

    The other statement, that is our favorite is: Well-Being will always abound, so the dominant experience of the majority of people will always be one of Well-Being. So you can decide, at any point in time, in what part of this you want to play. You can use anything as your excuse to align with Well-being, or you can use anything as your excuse to not align.”

    • Dan

      Interesting perspective, Beachdrifter. I agree with you in some ways – I don’t need to deny anybody of the joy they might find in fighting each other or themselves – but then again it isn’t my preference and not something I care to be around.

      I do not, however, believe everything I read and hear. I like most of what Abraham says but I am not convinced that I cannot live in a world with peace nor would I want to be convinced of that. I am not in a rush, however – because everyone must go at his own pace and timing and like you I don’t need to decide for anyone other than myself what I want and prefer.

      I appreciate your level of acceptance that all is well as is.

      • beachdrifter

        Dan, “I like most of what Abraham says but I am not convinced that I cannot live in a world with peace nor would I want to be convinced of that.”

        There is no contradiction between what you want and what they’re saying. You can live in a world with peace, even right now, by doing what Spirit suggests above.

        They just explain that your experience in this world is created by your vibrational tuning to it, not by somehow limiting choices and thus taking away potential experiences from others.

        The difference seems to be a very subtle one – you think that the world, or your world, would be better off without (insert your word of choice here), and that humans might, at some point, all agree on that.

        And they say that it wouldn’t. Because they understand the huge value that the exposure to variety (wanted as well as unwanted) adds to your experience as a creator here. And so they understand that there will always be points of consciousness coming forth that go to great lengths just to be different from the “norm”, in order to maintain a balance of variety on this planet, for the continued thriving of the whole.

        I decided a while ago that I prefer peace to conflict, and my world is a peaceful one…right here and now. But I didn’t need the rest of the world to agree with me – all I needed was my own vibrational tuning to it. That’s what variety does – it causes you to focus in the direction of what you want, so that the life force – life itself – can continue to flow through you to give you the joyful life experience that you’re looking for.

        So you might say something like, “but I don’t need conflict for any of that”. And that could be true, and yet, I know that my appreciation of the peace I have, and the joy I feel in that, would be nowhere close to what it is now, if it wasn’t for the conflict that caused the desire for it in the first place.

        So for me, less variety to choose from, or sameness in opinion, is not what I think will benefit me, or this planet – but more conscious awareness, and focus definitely will! And so that’s what I’m rooting for, and I can do it right here, right now, also.

        As Abraham put it, “In what part of this do you want to play?”

        It’s not that I don’t understand why people want world peace – I’m just providing a bit more variety of opinion here because I think it adds to the whole. It always does, even if no one else agrees.

      • M

        I remember a few years ago when I first read the following brief description of “Peace on Earth” — one of the “Special Reports From John Cali & Spirit” that we can also now find in “John Cali’s Spirit Speaks Newsletter Store” — I was quite surprised. That’s why I immediately thought of this special report when I read the comments made by Beachdrifter and Dan. (But I didn’t order this entire report so I don’t know the full content of that.)

        “Is “peace on earth” attainable? Spirit says no, at least not in the way most people envision peace. They say our purpose in coming the planet in our current incarnations was not to create total peace on earth. And, in fact, peace on earth is not even desirable.”

        It’s interesting the messages from the same Spirit through the same person John at “different moments” seem to be two different things. Also what Abraham has said (quoted in Beachdrifter’s comment) seems to be different. But are they really conflicting messages? Isn’t it nice to examine the same topic from a variety of perspectives before we make a personal choice for what works best for “me” at this unique moment/stage in life?

        I like the following Bashar video:

        I also like the following brief description of another special report “Peace” from John’s Store.

        “This is the season of peace on earth and good will to all people. One of the reasons the feeling of the Christmas season is so powerful, no matter what your spiritual beliefs, is it creates a sense of oneness among people. And it creates a sense of oneness with all that is — all the Great Spirit’s creatures. From that sense of oneness and being in the moment comes peace.”

        I wish you all and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic year ahead!

  4. Dan

    I do believe peace on earth is possible – just as spirit has said – one person at a time. I can picture such a time – I see and feel it – despite the headlines. I live it as much as possible.

    What I see as one of the biggest challenges right now – is the conflicting messages we get if we pay too much attention to our media and leaders. When I listen to the news media and our political leaders – I realize it can only cause confusion. We are bombarded with messages that tell us to both love and fear at the same time. But love and fear are opposite ends of the same spectrum. I cannot concurrently love and fear at the same time. If we truly love we cannot fear.

    Spirit has pointed out numerous times and I concur that if we really love ourselves there is nothing to be afraid of. Living in joy – nothing can harm us… we are god for god’s sakes.

    And Martha – I saw the same thing in the faces – tremendous joy and love for life in all of them and had the same feeling about their role. The death of innocent children horrifies everybody – perhaps enough to have a dialogue – we will see – I actually am optimistic. Change is happening and we are all feeling it – otherwise we would not be part of this community and having these conversations.

    Peace and love to all of you – and especially to John and Spirit for hosting the dialogue.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Dan, for your always-wise and perceptive comments. I too feel very optimistic about us and our world. Everything always works out for the best. All is as it should be. The pain and sorrow will pass, and we will some day understand the reasons for it all. All is well.


    • Robin Becker

      Martha and Dan…I felt similar about these children (angels) I believe they were part of a bigger plan..there is no bigger way to get everyone’s attention like when children are harmed.

  5. Laurel A Woodson

    Thank you Spirit and John for sharing your time, wisdom and kindness. Today’s thoughts could
    not be simpler or more concise; they are easy to comprehend yet are challenges unmet today.
    Living in this rocket-speed world, at my age of nearly 74 years, my ‘speed’ has slowed considerably. It has afforded me a bit more time to be of service to others, and for that I am very grateful. That said, even the least few minutes of ‘spare’ time can be shared with kindness: a smile, offering help with doors or helping someone with an errand, or making chicken soup for an ailing friend. The list is unlimited; time is of value; kindness is priceless, and it is contagious! Blessings of the season to all; may our striving for peace be realized.

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Laurel! I agree with you — it is so simple and easy to share our love with others, in the ways you spoke of. It doesn’t take much time or energy. But the effects ripple out to everyone everywhere.


  6. Chuck

    i resonate with the words of the Spirit that Love is the Answer and nothing else matters.

    thanks for all the posts and have great holidays and new year.

  7. Robin Becker

    I believe peace in “my world” is possible. If I take the path of raising my vibration, be in alignment with Source, be the light and love – I believe I can for my world. It could happen. If every one stopped blaming all things outside of themselves and change on the inside. I know it could never be all but I do think that as more and more do,this, there could be significant positive changes everywhere.

    My heart goes out to not just those whose lives were taken but for all who will suffer great loss.

    I want to wish you John and all those who share their thoughts and wisdom here…I feel blessed to be able to come here. Have a beautiful holiday all ♥ John, Thank-you..I know you have helped me here will your wisdom and allowing us to share our thoughts. I so appreciate you and Spirit. Your the only Spiritual teacher I know that will allow this open dialog. Thank-you ♥

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Robin, for your wise insights and your kind words.

      I’m grateful for all your support for all of us on this forum.

      You have a very happy holiday too!


  8. jerry

    In simplicity itself, if peace resides within, it will manifest without. That’s all… nothing else is required! The outer world cannot…in any way, shape or form, bring peace. It is all within! It is the reflection in the mirror. If you want the mirror to smile… you have to do it… the mirror can do nothing.

    Love and peace to all… because you are my reflection.. (grin)

  9. deborah

    I believe that peace on earth is possible but not probable at this time. Too many people are still focusing on hate. But, we need to keep dreaming of that time. I believe the more people dream of it the quicker it will happen.

    My love goes out for all the people who lost their lives in the school shooting, even to the young man who did the shooting. He needs love and not hate. I agree with spirit that we are all one. We come from the same source. If we truly love ourselves then we can love this troubled young man too. I believe my peace is also his peace. And my love is also his love. And that goes for everyone and everything.

    I have finally understood that what we do to another we also are doing it to ourselves because the other is ourselves.

    Merry Christmas John and have a wonderful new year.

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Deborah, for your beautiful comments.

      Merry Christmas to you too! Have a blessed and peaceful new year.

  10. Martha

    “Impossible dream” is really a oxymoron.
    Dreaming is an act of creation.
    Creation is the fulfillment of desire based on belief, the divine part of us that is eternal and unlimited. This is our true power.
    Abraham says it so well:
    ” A belief is just a thought you keep thinking..”

    My understanding of recent heartbreaking tragedy in CT is that these souls signed on to participate in an event so stunning and shocking that it would spark an unprecedented horror induced awakening regarding guns and violence that would create a tipping point leading to a MAJOR DESIRE FOR PEACE AND THE ELIMINATION OF GUN VIOLENCE.

    This is an example of how we humans create out of the contrast : ” I don’t want THIS..I want THAT..” The nuts and bolts of the creation process herenon Earth.
    We are all creators.
    “All things are possible for those who believe” ~ Jesus of Nazareth

    When I saw the face of each of the 20 children on the news, as well as the adults whose lives were taken, I saw angels so clearly Each one of them shined brilliantly. They were part of a pivotal moment and they seemed to know it.
    Only good can come of this.

    Peace on Earth is a choice.

    We can do this.

    We can be Peace.

    with Love,


  11. Chris

    A timely message. I posted something similar on FB written by another author. One of my close friends was appalled that I would endorse such thinking in light of the recent tragedy. A couple of other friends our adamant about gun ownership at all costs. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in another world.

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