Our thoughts turn to peace on earth every year at this holiday season. That’s particularly appropriate this year, as we’re preoccupied not only with conflicts around the world, but also with the all-too-frequent and vicious violence in the United States.

As you all know, 27 adults and children died in a bloodbath at a school in Connecticut last week. Then the gunman killed himself, bringing the death toll to 28.

Here are a few of Spirit’s thoughts about all this:

  • You have somehow been convinced there is not enough room for all of you on your planet. And so you wage war on those who are different from you.
  • Peace on earth must always—no exceptions—begin within yourselves.
  • Unless you are feeling peaceful in your hearts, minds, and bodies you have nothing to contribute to world peace.
  • Every hateful thought you hold further wounds your world.
  • Every loving thought you hold helps heal your world.
  • You cannot create peace by waging war. You cannot create peace by protesting war.
  • You are all connected. You are one. When you see that clearly you will have begun to create peace on earth.
  • Then worldwide peace becomes an achievable goal.
  • Love is the answer. There is no other. 

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Do you believe peace on earth is possible? What can you do to help create more peace? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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