John Cali and Spirit Special Reports


Discover our huge collection of inspiring material, channeled throughout the years by John Cali. All reports are formatted as PDF files for easier reading. Remember to click on numbers at the bottom of this page to view all items.

Spirit says, "You are far more than you perceive yourselves to be in this current physical body you occupy for what, in reality, is but a blink of eternity." How much more? Lots! "You are, every one of you, goddesses… Read more

Do you feel a deep sense of power and peace when you're visiting certain special, sacred places? Do you wonder why you feel that way? Spirit has the answers you're looking for. This special report is formatted as a PDF… Read more

A particularly difficult challenge for many of you lightworkers is money -- finances - - material abundance. So perhaps it might be useful for us to examine some of the reasons behind the apparent lack of abundance (specifically, money). This… Read more

Today's conventional medical tools and awareness, says Spirit, do not "tune into" the subtler, higher vibrations of our beings, physical or non-physical. Your best diagnostician and healer is you, your higher self. Learn how to tap the vast healing resources… Read more

To live peacefully and harmoniously on the earth plane, you must seek balance and moderation in every aspect of your lives. Whenever you are feeling an upset, a dis-ease of any kind, it is because you have become unbalanced in… Read more

How many times, have you caught yourself living in the past or the future? Whenever you feel guilty, for example, you're living in the past. Whenever you feel worried, you're living in the future. But when you're feeling loving, wise,… Read more

A challenge many on the earth plane are facing today is judgement. In fact, I would say most of you have this grand "opportunity for learning" - - or, more appropriately, for remembering. This special report is formatted as a… Read more

Change is such a challenge for many of us, even the great lightworkers. Spirit examines the nature of change and our human resistance to it. As usual, he offers some wise and uplifting guidance. This special report is formatted as… Read more

Have you ever felt you were caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place? For example, have you ever asked yourself this question: "Should I do what I love or should I do what can earn me a living?"… Read more

After getting a reading from us, people occasionally say they had already known what Spirit told them during the reading. Although some are unhappy with that realization, most are not. The reason is it's reminded them of the wisdom and… Read more

Nothing you can ever do or say, or even think, can be done in a vacuum, if you will. Everything - - and every thing - - you do, say, or think affects the entire planet, quite literally - -… Read more

It's about time for your personal declaration of independence. How often have you let "them" determine the standards for your life? "Them" could be almost anyone or anything outside yourself - - your parents, your spouse, other family members, friends,… Read more

Peace is the highest vibration many lightworkers can experience in this lifetime. Total detachment is the key to finding deep inner peace. This special report is formatted as a PDF file which we will email to you. Read more

Doing what you love is the one sure road to riches on all levels. We've all heard this. But do we really believe it? This special report is formatted as a PDF file which we will email to you. Read more

Over the years, many have asked us about duality and how to maintain a sane balance. But, more importantly, they want to know how they can deal with all the diversity in their earthly lives with some measure of peace… Read more

This is a challenging time to be alive on the planet. With all the human tragedies, like September 11, how do you keep your sanity, your balance? And how do you help the planet regain its balance? Spirit says it's… Read more

Nothing - - not one thing - - in your life needs to cause you pain. It is only your inability or unwillingness to see who you really are that causes you pain and turmoil on a human level. This… Read more

You have no "savior" who is coming for the second time to pluck you out of the fire, as it were. There will be no mass landings - - no extra-terrestrial rescue missions. This life you have chosen is strictly… Read more

Fear is not a force external to you. It is something you create within yourself. It has no reality outside you -- it's an illusion. Spirit tells you how to move through your fears and back into love. This special… Read more

Do you get upset when you read the newspapers, watch television, listen to the radio? After all, there's so much "bad" news out there in the world. Or is there? How much attention do you give to "bad" news --… Read more

Many of you lightworkers are today feeling such intensity, such turmoil even, in your lives. The intensity, the seeming turmoil, is manifested in all areas of your lives, but particularly in your bodies. Your bodies are exquisitely designed to be… Read more

Are you feeling trapped or hounded by guilt? It's certainly one of the greatest challenges many of us face. And, according to Spirit, guilt is about the most unnecessary, unnatural and useless experience you can have as a human being.… Read more

Can you be saved from the coming chaos - - from the chaos which, even now as we speak, is engulfing you and your planet? Yes, you can be saved, if you turn your eyes and your hearts to god… Read more

Do you know what the secret to healing is? Just be -- be! If you can still your mind and emotions -- by not getting attached to your thoughts and feelings, just letting them flow -- you are well on… Read more

So many of you on the earth plane today are struggling with the differences among you, as opposed to focusing on what you have in common. And you see this on every front, if you will, in every arena of… Read more

How many times have you heard it said - - honor thy father, thy mother? Or thy government, thy spouse, _______________, _______________, _______________? You fill in the blanks. And how often have you heard it said honor thyself? The latter,… Read more

You’ve been taught, from infancy, to honor your parents - - your god (whoever or whatever that may be) -- your teachers -- your leaders (whoever they may be), and so on and on. But you have never, or rarely,… Read more

Part 1: How many times have you heard it said - - honor thy father, thy mother? Or thy government, thy spouse, _______________, _______________, _______________? You fill in the blanks. And how often have you heard it said honor thyself?… Read more

There's little question human relationships are sources of great fulfillment and joy -- and also pain. Spirit gives you their perspective on how to keep the fulfillment and joy -- and eliminate the pain. This special report is formatted as… Read more

Are any of your relationships imprisoning you? Do you know why? You don't need to feel -- or be -- trapped. This special report is formatted as a PDF file which we will email to you. Read more