John Cali and Spirit Special Reports


Discover our huge collection of inspiring material, channeled throughout the years by John Cali. All reports are formatted as PDF files for easier reading. Remember to click on numbers at the bottom of this page to view all items.

Most people believe at least one, or perhaps several or more, of their relationships were "mistakes." How about you? Spirit says you've never made a mistake in your life! This special report is formatted as a PDF file which we… Read more

All 3 of the Human Relationships special reports. Report 1: The Pain and The Joy There's little question human relationships are sources of great fulfillment and joy -- and also pain. Spirit gives you their perspective on how to keep… Read more

One Monday morning several weeks ago, I woke up feeling fine, as I do most mornings . But as I prepared for work, I suddenly became ill. I could barely make it back to bed. As it turned out, I… Read more

You have heard the saying "innocent as a newborn babe." And it is an appropriate description of those souls newly reincarnated. They have left "behind," if you will, most memory of who they are. They have consciously, at the soul… Read more

Recently someone wrote us, ". . . Spirit is always speaking about remembering who we are. I am starting to remember more and more, but all too often my conscious mind seems to forget what it has learned and slips… Read more

Imagine you're on a train, and the train is traveling west. You can choose to go east -- you can move to the back of the train. Or you can choose to go north -- you can move to the… Read more

Why are so many lightworkers struggling financially? First of all, let's examine the question. Are lightworkers the only ones struggling financially? Are not some lightworkers actually prospering? Lack of abundance is certainly not the problem of lightworkers exclusively. Many others… Read more

Do you believe you are free to choose between living your life in pain or in joy? Most people do not. But Spirit says you are -- and he says living with joy is what the Great Spirit and your… Read more

Most of my life, I've been what you might call a lone wolf. I've always prided myself on my self-sufficiency and willingness to follow my own path. Even though that path has taken me far from those I dearly loved… Read more

Do you prefer to live your life in joy or in pain? Dumb question! Or is it? The Universe asks you that question every day of your life. While you may not deliberately choose pain over joy, many do choose… Read more

Time is not a fixed commodity, even in this earth dimension. It is flexible - - it is expandable - - it is contractible. This is true despite the appearance of time - - after all, clocks and watches and… Read more

Spirit once described miracles as the most ordinary of events. Do you believe that? And just what are miracles anyway? Spirit says what we call miracles are commonplace. But unless they find their way into the news media, they go… Read more

Miracles are nothing extraordinary. They are, indeed, the most ordinary events in the lives of you, gods and goddesses in human form . . . . Miracles are merely a matter of focus. This special report is formatted as a… Read more

Your hurting humanness is a but a tiny part of your glorious divinity. Allow us to comfort and cradle you in these changing and challenging times . . . . You are never alone. You are never unloved. This special… Read more

Today we hear much about "the global community," about oneness and unity, and how important it all is. Yet we are witnessing the fabric of humanity seemingly being torn to shreds. Many are feeling afraid and alienated from one another,… Read more

Your place of power is always in the present moment. You will not find your power - - you will not reclaim it - - unless you look for it in the only place it can ever live: the present… Read more

This is the season of peace on earth and good will to all people. One of the reasons the feeling of the Christmas season is so powerful, no matter what your spiritual beliefs, is it creates a sense of oneness… Read more

Is "peace on earth" attainable? Spirit says no, at least not in the way most people envision peace. They say our purpose in coming the planet in our current incarnations was not to create total peace on earth. And, in… Read more

Have you been searching for your soul mate, your perfect partner? Maybe for even what seems like forever? Many come to Spirit feeling so down and discouraged, wondering if they'll ever find that perfect one. Spirit gives you the sure-fire… Read more

Many people have come to us over the years wondering why they were feeling so powerless and depleted, and why others seemingly had the power to hurt them. Spirit's answer has always been the same - - if we are… Read more

Joy is a near-constant theme in all of Spirit's teachings. He says your soul exists in a state of eternal joy. And when you first incarnated, you were in a state of joy. But most of us have forgotten that.… Read more

Despite the seemingly traumatic and tragic events happening around the planet, these times you are living in are but a prelude to the party to come. You and the planet itself are simply going through a period of readjustment and… Read more

What on earth do those three topics have to do with each other? Everything, according to Spirit. With your focus, you can summon more of that energy that creates what you call miracles. As Spirit says, "Hold a clear, laser-like… Read more

What does security mean to you? There are probably almost as many meanings for that word as there are people on the planet. Spirit gives you his view on security -- how to find it, how to feel it all… Read more

Have you ever been torn between following your heart and being of service to others? Spirit has a radically different idea of what "service" is or can be. And it has nothing to do with self-sacrifice. In fact, he says… Read more

This is a perennially favorite subject among our clients and readers. How do you attract that perfect mate, that soul mate you've been longing for? Conventional methods simply don't work for many. Spirit says it's easy to attract your perfect… Read more

Do they fit together? Many, even among the lightworkers, often feel a painful conflict between doing their spiritual work and accepting money for it. Spirit offers their perspective on that conflict and how to resolve it. This special report is… Read more

These are times of momentous changes on your planet. At one moment, you are enjoying the roses of summer. Then the roses fade and their petals fall to the earth. The trees change colors and their leaves fall to the… Read more

Surrender and power seem to be opposites. But they are not, even though our third-dimensional experience tells us differently. This special report is formatted as a PDF file which we will email to you. Read more

You serve absolutely no one -- not any of your fellow beings, human or non-human - - not the Universe -- not All That Is -- no one, no thing -- if you do not serve yourself first. This special… Read more