John Cali and Spirit Special Reports


Discover our huge collection of inspiring material, channeled throughout the years by John Cali. All reports are formatted as PDF files for easier reading. Remember to click on numbers at the bottom of this page to view all items.

Are you a teacher or a student? Or maybe both, depending on circumstances? Spirit says you are neither. You didn't come here to teach or to learn. You came here to create. You are, above all, a creator. This special… Read more

. . . now the time has come for the balance of power, if you will, to shift. And shift it must, back toward the center, closer to the nurturing, receptive feminine energy. This special report is formatted as a… Read more

Spirit says, ". . . there is no truth. Absolute, eternal, never-changing truth does not exist. Except, that is, in your fantasies." Do you believe that? Many are unwilling to accept the idea there is no eternal, absolute truth. Spirit… Read more

All on the earth plane today who are the least bit observant know something momentous is afoot, if you will. But most do not know exactly what it is. Nor do they know what they need to do to prepare… Read more

Whenever you're feeling fearful and lost in the darkness, remember this: darkness is not the absence of light. It is the denial of light. The light is always there. You are light. You are love. You can be nothing but… Read more

This is a probably a much different view of the Sacred Trinity than you've heard before. As Spirit says, the Sacred Trinity is the basic building block of All That Is, the Great Spirit -- and of all that is,… Read more

The word "blame" is used almost constantly in the news media, in government circles, even in churches. And certainly among individuals. The whole thrust of the idea of blame is to shift responsibility to where it does not belong. Spirit… Read more

If you find yourselves feeling disconnected or estranged from your fellow beings on the planet, it’s most likely because you are not connected to yourself. You are not connected to your higher self, to the divine flame within your heart.… Read more

Just as the sun is the source of light and energy for the solar system, so is your soul the life-force of your entire being. This is not simply a metaphor, says Spirit -- it is literally true. This special… Read more

You were born wealthy. Did you know that? You lacked nothing when you incarnated in this lifetime. You may not have been born with the proverbial silver spoon in your mouth, as it were. But you were born wealthy -… Read more

Peace is the highest vibration many of you, the lightworkers, can experience in this lifetime. And so you might well ask just what this vibration of peace is anyway. This special report is formatted as a PDF file which we… Read more

Your world is undergoing incredible changes today. There is no precedent in your human history for these changes. There are wars of all kinds on all fronts. But the real war has been the war within - - within each… Read more

A Parable and a Paradox. You cannot capture the wind -- you cannot own it. You can love it, luxuriate in its presence, feel its energy. But if you try to capture it, it becomes something other than what it… Read more

Time weighs heavily upon many people and often causes them to feel out of control. Spirit offers their view of time as simply a useful tool, not a tyrant to which you must submit. And they offer suggestions on how… Read more

When I was growing up, my generation was taught to revere its elders. That's not a bad thing by any means. But reverence was often equated with giving our power away to the "authorities" and being unwilling to make our… Read more

What is truth? Ah, that is the eternal question! It often seems truth has as many faces as those who proclaim to know the truth. This special report is formatted as a PDF file which we will email to you. Read more

The Buddhist nun, Pema Chodron, teaches her students to become open to the "energy of our irritation" rather than resisting it. She teaches us to look with "gentle curiosity" at our feelings, fully acknowledging and accepting them. This special report… Read more

What is the difference between "good" and "evil?" Is there any difference? Why are so many so-called "lightworkers" attracting "dark" or "evil" forces into their lives? Have you ever asked those and other similar questions? Here's Spirit's perspective. This special… Read more

That's an eternal question, isn't it? Many folks think of love in a romantic sense, as does the lady who asked the question in this session with Spirit. You'll find Spirit's definition of love different, perhaps, from what you've heard… Read more

Many of the letters and questions we receive are about concerns and problems regarding the human body. Spirit says our bodies are magnificent creations, designed by us, at the soul level, before we incarnated. Our bodies are designed to be… Read more

We humans often think all the good things in our lives come to us from sources outside ourselves -- our parent, our teachers, our governments, our churches. Spirit offers a different perspective. He says all the good we've ever had,… Read more

If you can remain fully focused in your center for even a moment, you - - at that moment - - will be healed. At that moment, your body can have no dis-ease, your mind can have no dis-order, your… Read more

Your Power Is Now! One of the most frequent questions Spirit and I get goes something like this: How can I be free of my past traumas and all the negative feelings accompanying those traumas? The questions are usually more… Read more

Do you find it difficult to stay in the present moment? Many folks do. Yet, you've probably heard it said that is where all your power is -- in this present moment. It's certainly not in feeling guilty about the… Read more