Letting Go by John Cali

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As you may recall from last week’s newsletter, “Listening To Your Inner Voice,” I had technical problems getting it properly sent to all of you. In one of my emails apologizing for the mess, I described it as “a day from hell!”

John Cali

That remark unleashed a flood of emails from you. You said I was being too hard on myself. Here are some of your comments:

  • “Try not be so hard on yourself, we are fine.”
  • “Thank you for your diligent and selfless work that you and Spirit do.”
  • “No apologies necessary for sharing your gifts with us.”
  • “REALLY glad to know I am in good company — being human!”
  • “No worries. After all, you are human. Such little goofs make the rest of us feel better; so thank you for that service.”
  • “You’re FUNNY! I love that your version of “Hell” is having to send out a newsletter 3 times.”

Your letters made me painfully aware I was being hard on myself — too damned hard! I was tenaciously clinging to something out of my control, desperately hoping I could resolve it with sheer, intense action.

That, of course, didn’t work. No surprises there. It never works.

This is basic stuff Spirit and I have been teaching for years. Yet last week I totally forgot it all. A most humbling experience!

I deeply appreciate all of you for your loving kindness and support last week. And also through all the many years Spirit and I have been doing this work. We’re all teachers and all students. Last week you were the teachers and I was the student. I am blessed to have you all in my life.

Once I let go of last week’s mess, it resolved itself with almost no action from me. All the technical glitches, including some I didn’t tell you about, had vanished by the next morning.

A dear Canadian friend who’s endured many challenges in his life, some life-threatening, wrote me, “Life’s just a temporary condition.”

I love that! After all, life ain’t that serious. It’s supposed to be fun!

Here’s Spirit.


As John said, life is not serious — and it’s supposed to be fun.

If we could find a way to permanently engrave those few words on your human brains, we would. For then you would never get caught in a “mess,” as John did last week.

You would simply take a mental step back, and see the situation (the “mess”) for what it really is. You would see it as another grand opportunity for growth.

Once you realize all your “situations” (or “messes”) are created only by you, that realization will be most liberating. Even more liberating is the realization that whenever you have a problem, big or small, you also automatically have a strong desire to have it resolved. In that moment of that desire, the Universe has answered you. Instantly the resolution to your problem is on its way to you. Instantly!

What so often happens though, as with John last week, is you ask for the answer but you keep hanging onto the problem. Instead of trusting and knowing the answer is coming, you’re “tenaciously clinging” to the problem, the dilemma.

Guess what happens then. Nothing! You gotta let go of the problem before the Universe can do anything for you.

That’s how powerful you all are — you can, if you will, stop the Universe “in its tracks.” You can prevent it from doing what it wants to do for you.

But once you let go (as John finally did), the results are quick and satisfying.

As we see it, friends, it’s often a matter of you thinking you have to control everything and everyone. As John put it so well, “I was tenaciously clinging to something out of my control, desperately hoping I could resolve it with sheer, intense action.”

Again, you are all powerful creators. But the best — and, really, the only — way to exercise your divine creative powers is not through action, but by allowing.

You do not create your life experiences through action, but by simply allowing what you’ve asked for to come to you.

Or, in three simple words, by letting go.

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