Life’s Other Side by John Cali

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In personal readings people often ask us about family members or friends who’ve died. They almost invariably want to know if their loved ones are safe, and if they can communicate with them.

John Cali

The answer to both those questions is an unqualified “Yes!”

They are safe. And they’re usually anxious to communicate again with their loved ones on earth.

Here’s Spirit.


We’ve talked about this subject before, but it keeps coming up in conversations we have with many of you.

You often say, when loved ones die, you’ve “lost” them. You cannot lose them. Simply because they no longer occupy a physical body doesn’t mean they’re gone. They are still with you, especially if the physical relationship was close. And sometimes even if it wasn’t.

You are all always safe, “dead” or “alive,” especially when you’re dead. Your physical bodies can be hurt, but you cannot. If you understood clearly who “you” are, that would make perfect sense to you.

Communication, however, is a bigger issue for many of you who’ve “lost” loved ones.

It is entirely possible for you to clearly communicate with your loved ones on “life’s other side.” We use that phrase deliberately because there is no death, only life.

Once you understand, not just intellectually but also intuitively, that life is eternal, it will be easier for you to communicate with your loved ones.

Exactly how can you communicate? There are many ways. Here are a few.

  • When a thought of a loved one crosses your mind, it’s often because, at that very moment, she/he wants to talk to you.
  • You may have a dream about a loved one where you’re talking with each other. That is not “just a dream.” It’s real.
  • You may smell, for example, roses (or other scents) when none are nearby, especially if your loved one enjoyed roses.
  • You may “accidentally” open a book at random and your eyes land on a phrase that was particularly meaningful to your loved one.
  • Sometimes nature can play a role in all this. For example, John often finds feathers, which he knows are “signs” from us, his spirit guides. (Of course, we also talk with him just as we are talking with you today.)

If you doubt the signs, simply ask your loved ones to send you another of the same signs.

The ways you can communicate with your loved ones are many. That communication is as real as anything will ever be.

After all, we’re speaking to you today from life’s other side. Are we not real to you? Can you not feel our energy? Can you not feel our love for you?

Your side of life and life’s other side are the same side. All is well.


NOTE: Last weekend after we finished writing this article, I received some news from a couple of dear lifelong friends. Their daughter, only 44, had died suddenly and unexpectedly. So this message from Spirit was poignantly timely for me personally.


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