Listening To Your Inner Voice by John Cali

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I’m pretty health-conscious. I exercise regularly and watch what I eat. But I sometimes wonder if that’s enough.

John Cali

I don’t pay much attention to the mainstream news media, but I do follow health-related news. I mostly read articles related to exercise and diet. Lately I’ve noticed an almost overwhelming amount of that information out there, some of it confusing and contradictory.

For example, one of the US government’s guidelines says you should do aerobic exercise at least three times weekly for a minimum of twenty minutes a day. However, a well-known medical expert says you should do aerobic exercise forty-five minutes every day.

Another example: For years nutritionists said the maximum number of eggs you should eat was four per week. Now they’re saying more than four is okay.

Who do you listen to? I read what these “authorities” say — after all, they’re not stupid. But I no longer take what they say as “gospel.”

Here’s Spirit.


Your modern world is filled with confusing, often conflicting, ideas — and with “authorities” willing to tell you exactly how to live your lives. For, after all, they know best. Or so they’d have you believe.

Is it any wonder you often don’t know what to think, what to believe? You have so many voices shouting at you. Yet there is only one voice that matters — your own inner voice. Your intuition, your gut feelings.

Most of you have been taught to ignore the one voice that will never lead you astray — that still, small voice within. You have been taught, brainwashed even, that “they” know what’s best for you — all those authorities out there. You cannot trust yourselves. For, after all, what do you know? You’re just an insignificant little nothing who hasn’t the foggiest idea of what’s best for you.

And on and on it goes, ad nauseam.

Friends, your highest and best authority is always your inner voice, your intuition, your feelings. No exceptions.

You already know what’s best for you. But you don’t believe that. You ignore your truth, you ignore what you know within your heart and gut.

We urge you to begin paying more attention to what you feel and less attention to what others think. You may not learn overnight to trust yourselves completely. But you will learn once you start this simple process of trusting and loving yourselves a bit more each day.

Ultimately you will come to where you will always trust yourselves to know what’s best for you. Not for anyone else, but for you.

From that point forward, do only what feels good and right for you. Listen to others. But filter, if you will, their words and ideas through your own inner guidance.

Then you will never go astray. Then you will always know what’s good and right for you, and what isn’t.

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