Live Like You Were Dying by John Cali

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John Cali

I’m not a fan of most contemporary popular music. But I happened to read about the recent American Music Awards program. Country singer Tim McGraw won two awards for his album called Live Like You Were Dying.

I don’t know what songs are in the album, nor do I know any of the lyrics. But I was intrigued by the album’s title. Sounds like great advice to me.

Here’s Spirit.


This is the time of year when many of you on the planet celebrate various holidays. And for many it is a time of stress, a time when you rush about attending to a zillion different tasks. At least some of those tasks even you probably consider unnecessary. But you do them anyway.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, it’s supposed to be a season of joy, of peace on earth. And yet you often find little peace or joy in the season. Many of you cannot wait to get it over with. It becomes just another dreary task to face and be done with.

And that, unfortunately, is how many humans live their lives — just another dreary task, another dreary day to muddle through and get it done with.

Friends, life is not supposed to be a dreary obligation you need to suffer through for some dim and distant karmic reason.

You’ve heard us say this many times over the years, and you’ll continue hearing us say it:

Life is supposed to be fun!

Especially during a season like Christmas, and other holidays you celebrate throughout the year.

Do you know when you’re having fun, when you’re joyful, when you’re appreciating yourself and your life, you are — at that moment — fully aligned with your higher self? You are fully aligned with, and in tune with, the wiser, powerful part of you who exists eternally in the realms of spirit.

That wise, loving, powerful part of you lives in a continual state of bliss and joy. And when you are fully aligned with it, through your human joy, you will find your life becoming so easy and effortless. And you’ll wonder why you ever bothered to live any other way.

We used the word “bothered” just now. It truly is a bother to live your lives joylessly, with struggle and suffering. But it’s become such a seemingly “normal” way of life, and you think that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Nothing could be farther from the truth!

You’ve become so accustomed to life being difficult, you forget it can also be easy. In fact, it’s supposed to be easy!

If you’re finding yourself struggling with any aspect of your life, know this:

You’ve really had to work at getting to where you are today — to getting to the struggling and suffering. You’ve probably had to work hard at it.

With a fraction of that effort, you can make your life as easy tomorrow as it was hard today.

Well-being is your natural state. Struggle and suffering are not your natural state. It is always easier to create your life, your reality, when you are aligned with your natural state, the state of well-being.

You did not come to earth to suffer through long years of struggle. You came here to play, to create, to love passionately, to live joyously. In short — to have fun!

And then when you’re done with this lifetime, you move on to another passionately joyful adventure.

You’ll never get it done, friends. You live forever. What you call “death” is not the end, only a new beginning.

However, many of you consider death the end. And that’s okay.

But ask yourself this question every morning, even before you get your body out of bed:

What would I do today if I knew this was my last day on earth?

Then answer the question honestly. And then begin to live every day as if it was your last. Live it freely, joyfully, passionately.

Live like you were dying.

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