With Valentine’s Day approaching, I thought love would make a good topic for this week’s newsletter.

John Cali

What is love?

Regardless of how you define it, it obviously can take many forms. One of which we celebrate every February 14 — romantic love.

But today we’re going to expand our definition beyond romance. My favorite definition of love is one Spirit gave me many years ago:

“The choice to see the divinity in all beings.”

(NOTE: Spirit’s message today is a bit longer than usual and, to me at least, a bit sterner.)

Here’s Spirit.


As John mentioned, we define love as the choice to see the divinity in all beings. We emphasize the word “all.” You cannot love only a part of the all and still be truly loving.

God is all that is, as you’ve heard us and others say many times over the years. You cannot love only parts of God and hate other parts. That just doesn’t work. Trying to make it work gets you into the state your world is in right now.

We know many of you think your world is in one hell of a mess — literally. But it’s not. What you are witnessing on your planet today, even amidst all the seeming chaos, is a return to love, to God, to all that is.

The chaos will pass. The love will grow.

Most importantly of all, however, you are returning to yourselves, to your true, authentic loving selves.

You, as a humanity, created what seems to be chaos, confusion, and tragedy. You’re seeing it all through the lens, if you will, of only your human eyes. When you see it through the lens of love once again, your spiritual vision will once again be 20/20.

What’s our point here today? Simply this: Learn to love yourselves unconditionally.

And we don’t want to hear the usual barrage of excuses why you don’t love yourselves:

“My parents didn’t love me.”

“My family and friends mistreated me.”

“I was abused as a child.”

Etc., etc. ad nauseam.

Those are all old energy. Now is the time for the new energy. Now is the time for awakening your consciousness to the full awareness of who you really are.

And who are you?

You are God, each and every one of you!

Fall head-over-heels in love with yourselves. Choose to see the divinity in yourselves. When you awaken with love to who you are, to the Gods you are, it will be impossible for you to fail to love all others, all beings, all that is.

You have a saying, “Charity starts at home.” Well, friends, so too does love. Starting with love for yourselves.

You want to heal your world? Then heal and love yourselves first. All else will follow easily and effortlessly.

All is well. All is Love. All is God.