One recent evening after supper I happened to look out into my backyard. Standing there were five small deer, grazing on the sparse foliage of that late winter day.

Deer are such beautiful, gentle creatures. I love watching them. We’re blessed to have so many of them where I live.

As the deer grazed contentedly I stood there admiring their grace and beauty. I sent them loving energy, and they immediately looked me directly in the eye. We held that gaze for several long moments.

Then it dawned on me — I was getting messages from the animals.

Here’s Spirit.


John’s “messages from the animals” were perfectly timed for him. He’d been going through some challenges lately. Nothing earth-shaking. But enough to, as you say, “rattle his cage.”

In the midst of his challenges he’d been a bit hard on himself. We’re sure you know what that feels like. You often “beat up” on yourselves when you’re facing a challenge. You judge yourselves harshly, as not good enough.

Deer, to John, represent gentle, loving kindness. As they gazed into his eyes that night, he felt that gentle, loving kindness.

They were not afraid of him, as they often are with humans. They felt his love for them. And they returned that love, uplifting him from his feelings of the past few days.

That night the deer were messengers of love, gentleness, and joy. Their message to John was: “Be as loving, gentle, and kind to yourself as we are to you.”

Pay attention to the animals in your life. Especially when they appear to you unexpectedly. They have a message for you. The animals in your life are always messengers from Spirit.


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