Messages from the Animals by John Cali

One recent evening after supper I happened to look out into my backyard. Standing there were five small deer, grazing on the sparse foliage of that late winter day.

Deer are such beautiful, gentle creatures. I love watching them. We’re blessed to have so many of them where I live.

As the deer grazed contentedly I stood there admiring their grace and beauty. I sent them loving energy, and they immediately looked me directly in the eye. We held that gaze for several long moments.

Then it dawned on me — I was getting messages from the animals.

Here’s Spirit.


John’s “messages from the animals” were perfectly timed for him. He’d been going through some challenges lately. Nothing earth-shaking. But enough to, as you say, “rattle his cage.”

In the midst of his challenges he’d been a bit hard on himself. We’re sure you know what that feels like. You often “beat up” on yourselves when you’re facing a challenge. You judge yourselves harshly, as not good enough.

Deer, to John, represent gentle, loving kindness. As they gazed into his eyes that night, he felt that gentle, loving kindness.

They were not afraid of him, as they often are with humans. They felt his love for them. And they returned that love, uplifting him from his feelings of the past few days.

That night the deer were messengers of love, gentleness, and joy. Their message to John was: “Be as loving, gentle, and kind to yourself as we are to you.”

Pay attention to the animals in your life. Especially when they appear to you unexpectedly. They have a message for you. The animals in your life are always messengers from Spirit.


Have you had similar experiences with animals, wild or domestic? Please comment below.

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  1. John Cali

    Bart, one of our newsletter readers, sent emailed me these comments about animal communication. With his permission, I’m posting them here.

    I thought you may appreciate this intriguing event I witnessed when I was about 12. I was looking out the sliding door onto the backyard and saw a black squirrel stretched out, hind legs on a branch, and front legs on our squirrel-proof feeder, carefully inspecting every part on the feeder, seeing what moved, what did what and how perhaps to get the seed out. However, the feeder was swinging quite a bit in his hands as he was having a hard time keeping it steady to examine it in detail.

    Suddenly, he stopped inspecting and went straight up the branch and near the top of the tree, where another black squirrel was laying and relaxing. He got face to face with it, didn’t seem to make any noise, and they sat nose to nose for a few seconds. Then he came back down with his friend following right behind. His friend stretched out, hind legs on the branch and front legs on the feeder, and held it in place. As he kept it steady, the first squirrel carefully undid some kind of mechanism on the feeder and then tilted it so the seed fell out so they could both dine. I never forgot it. Usually squirrels just appear to chase each other. But there seemed to be some kind of unspoken communication there, and next thing you know, mission accomplished.

    My mother, also an animal lover, watched a mother chipmunk scurrying around one fall gathering seed. Her two little children were busy chasing each other all over in play. Suddenly the mother started chirping loudly, apparently at them, and they stopped playing and began gathering seed with their mother. (She seemed to be saying) “Stop playing with each other and help me collect food for winter — you can play when we’re done!”

  2. Micki

    Once again John, another theme close to my heart, I agree with messages received from animals, our cat Min, chose my husband David not long after he was diagnosed with cancer, we went to the Animal shelter specifically to get another cat, having just lost our last one, and we went into the enclosure where there were many cats waiting for a new home and this grey vision appeared out of nowhere, made a bee line for David and literally wrapped herself around his feet looking at him with adoring eyes…well that was it, we knew that she was the one, she was a wonderful friend to David, never left his side right up to the day he went into paliative care, she knew and she gave him such joy. Min has now attached herself to me and we are the best of friends, she helped me through a difficult time after David’s passing and she talks to me often, we were then, I am now very blessed to have her.
    Huge hugs to you John,

    • John Cali

      Thanks so much, Micki, for sharing this beautiful story. I remember when you and David were going through all that. I’m sure Min was a great comfort to you both.

      Love and hugs,

  3. Uli

    Animals are the best anti-depressants for me there are, especially dogs. Dogs make me smile instantly and I forget – at least for the moment – any worries. Animals are so pure, so unconditional and beautiful.
    It’s not true but I like to think that dogs are the universe’s best creation (dog spelled backwards and you get god) and I think we are so pleased to have them and for that matter all the other animals in our lives.

    Thanks John, that you are bringing up so many animal stories! They resonate with me a lot.

    On a different note, English is not my native language. Would someone be so kind to explain to me what “murder” means in the context of “a murder of crows”? I’m very curious.

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Uli, for your comments. I completely agree with you about dogs — they’re such delightful creatures, and wonderful companions.

      English is my native language, but I only recently discovered what a “murder of crows” is. 🙂 It simply means a group or flock of crows. Odd expression!

      • Uli

        Thanks John! That’s funny …………. or LOA that you came across this expression recently! It perhaps is a very old phrase since all the dictionaries within my reach didn’t have it in them either.

  4. Valerie

    I know it was a special moment for you John, that realization you’re in communion with the wild things. Such a joy when it’s happened to me. I’ve told you some of my stories before. And I’ve been a big fan of Ted Andrew’s Animal Speak for many years, because yes, there are messages or signs for us in every encounter. I’ve spent the morning here trying to identify an unusual hawk I encountered yesterday on the creek near my place, though regardless of the type, know it was a wonder.

  5. Stephanie

    How beautiful that you received calming and loving communication ..from their hearts to yours .. and that their loving presence brought you back to your delicious and perfect PRESENT moment.

  6. Jeanne White

    My cat had “hot spots” which are bald patches that are pink and raised. I searched the internet and found that the only recommendations were to get steroids from a vet. I didn’t like the idea of steroids, but could find no natural treatments. It occurred to me that the cat might know what was needed.

    The cat was sleeping on the couch and my plan was to cross the living room, set on the stairs, relax, mentally say the cat’s name and ask him what I should do for him. As I crossed the living room, I got a very clear impression of a 1 inch thick slice of carrot. Ok, I guess we don’t need the ritual preparation. I started grating an inch of carrot in his food and the hot spots cleared up.

    We had obtained a wether goat that had been starved. He was so weak he could barely stand up. I tied him out in a grassy area and twice a day I took some grain out to him. He would lie there and eat it. I would sit with him while he ate. One day, I felt an overwhelming feeling of gratitude from him.

    Another time, I was looking at a pen of goats in the barn. I made eye contact with one of the does. When I did, I felt a deep connection with her. There was no “message”, just a feeling of connectedness. If she felt the same thing, she probably was not impressed. I suspect that animals routinely feel that connection with others.

    A long, long time ago, I was driving down a rural road after dark. I saw a German Shepherd lying by the side of the road. I stopped because I could see he was alive. He had been hit by a car and could not get up. I went to a nearby house and called animal control. When I returned, I thought that animal control would be there shortly so I could leave. I heard an alarmed voice in my head saying, “Don’t leave me!” So I stayed and waited with him. By the time the officer came, the dog could sit but not stand. He said the dog should be ok.

    I occasionally pick up feelings of sadness or depression from animals when they are not overtly depressed.

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Jeanne, for sharing these wonderful animal stories. I think we humans generally far underestimate the intelligence and abilities of our animal family.

  7. George

    For some years I have been aware of messages from various animals. I suppose my first intimate experience with an animal was when my Dad held me up to the head of a cow that was standing by a roadside fence. My Dad said to me, “He won’t hurt you if you pet him.” I replied, “What will he do if I don’t pet him?” (Note that “he” was a “cow.”)

  8. patricia

    My mom loved hummingbirds and last summer was my first summer without her. One day when I sat thinking about her, I asked her if she was with the hummingbirds. That evening I went out at 10pm to shut our patio lights off and out of my plant pot something flew at me and I thought it might be a bat, but it hovered in front of me so I could see it and there in front of me was a hummingbird. I didn’t know they came out at night, but I said thanks mom for being with me. It brought me comfort I needed at that time. How Divine this world and life are.

    • John Cali

      Thanks so much, Patricia, for this beautiful story. Animals truly are messengers from Spirit.

  9. Chris

    Messages from animals … all the time. But, thanks for reminding me to pay attention more often especially when I’m in pain, and, therefore, feel like “I’m doing it wrong.” So blessed because that my house backs up to a wooded flood plain populated with lots of birds and animals – – deer, foxes, flying squirrels, etc.,. And my kitties are telling me to mention them as well. LOL … no ego problems on their part 🙂 .

  10. Margot

    Nature seems to pick up on your vibe and wants to let you know, it’s going to be okay, John. It’s going to be okay, this too shall pass. I had a similar experience. It was like they were thanking me for the apples. They came right up to my dining room window. I also have a murder of crows who are quite fond of my yard.
    I often think of a particular old friend of mine, for some reason, when I see so many crows and I say a little prayer for her.

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