We must not allow the clock and the calendar to blind us to the fact that each moment of life is a miracle and mystery. ~ H.G. Wells, British writer


A couple weekends ago, I was pondering what to get for my Sunday dinner. Growing up in a large Italian family, Sunday dinners were special occasions. They were a day for being together to celebrate the day and each other.

My mother used to make a special eggplant stew which I loved. Called “ciambotta” in Italian, I decided to have that for Sunday dinner.

Around here, especially at this time of year, eggplant (“aubergine” in British English) can be hard to find. But being the eternal optimist, I went over to our local market on 17th Street.

I was disappointed as I approached the produce area. Nary an eggplant was in sight.

So I asked one of the staff if they had any eggplant they hadn’t put on display yet. He said they were sold out, and would not be getting any more till the following week.

I wandered around the store looking for some substitute for the eggplant. No luck.

On my way out, I walked by the produce area again. I couldn’t believe my eyes—there were about a dozen big, beautiful eggplant sitting there! Five minutes earlier, there were none.

One of my favorite spiritual teachers is Joel Goldsmith. Joel used to say God is the substance of all form. What does that mean?


The problem people have with miracles is not their rarity. The problem is they happen every day of your physical lives.

But you fail to see them. Your ego gets in the way. However, if you see through the eyes of your soul—well, everything changes.

Let’s say you come down with a bad headache one day.

You go to bed that night with a strong desire to rid yourself of the pain. You wake up in the morning, and it’s gone. You probably would not consider that a miracle.

Johnny had a strong desire to find an eggplant that Sunday a few weeks ago. Was that a miracle?

What if your doctor said you had terminal cancer, totally incurable?

You most likely would have a strong desire to be rid of it. So you go to bed one night, and awaken in the next morning to a cancer-free body.

You’d likely consider that a miracle.

Do you see where we’re going with all this?

The processes we’re describing here—whether they’re eggplants appearing, a cured headache, or a cured cancer—are exactly the same. There is no difference in difficulty or degree.

You create miracles all the time. You’re just not aware of them.

Most of you have had so-called “terminal” illnesses without being consciously aware of it. And then, without being consciously aware of it, you’re healed.

These events happen so often in all your lives, the details would probably shock you.

But if you are consciously aware of who you really are, you will see all miracles, not just the “big” ones, for what they are. And what are they? They are the most ordinary and frequent events in your physical lives.

Who are you? You are an extension of God—Goddess—divinity (insert whatever word you want to use) in physical form.

If, as Joel Goldsmith says, God is the substance of all form, then you are also. You are the substance of all form.

You have everything you desire and need within you. This means everything—healing, abundance, peace, joy, etc. are within you.

You do not have to beg for them. You do not have to work hard for them.

All you “have” to do is become aware you have everything within you. You are God or Goddess. You are powerful beyond your wildest dreams. You can create miracles.

In fact, you are the miracle.

Partially adapted from John Cali and Spirit Special Reports

Copyright © 2018 by John Cali

Have you ever had an experience you could not logically explain? Many of us have. When that happens, are you surprised? Or do you try to explain it logically? Or just ignore it?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


In this rather interesting talk, filmmaker Gotham Chopra (Deepak’s son) talks about miracles, including the myths and scams out there. At the end of the talk, Gotham mentions what are perhaps the real miracles of life. It might surprise you.


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