Multi-Tasking by John Cali

So many of us in today’s world are feeling hassled and pressured to do more and more, and faster and faster. Time becomes the curse of our lives — there’s never enough of it. Or so it seems.

John Cali

The other day I was talking to an old friend I’ve known all my life. He’s retired and can pretty much do as he pleases with his time. But he was complaining that his life is far too busy. He said some days he spends as much as six hours or more on the phone.

Another friend of his had advised him to “multi-task.” In other words, do something else while talking on the phone. Do the dishes, read the newspaper, feed the dog, etc. etc.

Good grief! I thought to myself. Is this what our modern world has come to? Are we so stressed out and rushed that we must do the dishes, read the newspaper, feed the dog while we are talking on the phone, perhaps to someone we love dearly?

What about the person on the other end of the phone line? Whether it’s someone we love, a friend, a business colleague — it really doesn’t matter who it is. They can feel we’re not giving them our full attention. We’re not really with them.

In other words, we’re not fully living in the moment. Much of our lives flies past us and we barely notice it — we are literally missing most of our lives. And then we wonder where all the years have gone.

We feel drained. We feel lost. We wonder what our lives are all about. We wonder who we are and why we are here.

Here’s Spirit.


Your modern world offers you many wondrous opportunities for growth. And that is exactly what you signed on for when you came into this physical lifetime.

You knew — at your soul level before you incarnated — this particular time in your human history offered you exactly what you were looking for. Diversity, drama, passion, pleasure. Everything you knew you wanted to play the game joyfully in this lifetime.

Friends, here’s where we’re going with this: This particular time, on this particular planet, in this particular incarnation is, for you, the best of all possible worlds.

You — your higher self, your soul — chose all this deliberately.

Yes, you have a smorgasbord of opportunities in front of you. But, instead of rejoicing in that diversity, you simply get overwhelmed by it. We watch you in your state of being overwhelmed. And we are sometimes amused by it all.

It’s as if you feel you must do everything — you must stuff yourselves beyond belief with all the “goodies” the smorgasbord of life offers you. And so, in that state of stress, you often simply “lose it.” In other words, you try to do too much all at once.

And that is exactly what John’s friend was talking about doing — “multi-tasking” while on the phone.

How did you ever get to this place of being overwhelmed by all there is to do?

Well, you got there because you bought into the mass consciousness which says you must constantly be do-ing — something — anything — even many things at the same time.

Friends, that will suck the life out of you. It will drain you of your life force. And it just goes down from there.

You can live your lives only one moment at a time. But you drain all the pleasure and joy from those moments by doing too much at once — mainly by polluting them with guilt from past deeds done and worry about future deeds undone. You scatter your energy.

Then, there you are — stressed out, lost, confused, wondering who you are and why you are here.

But if you fully immerse yourself in the present moment with love, you will find your lives becoming easy and effortless. And you will see the utter futility of multi-tasking.


Here’s Ellen DeGeneres talking about multi-tasking in her typical hilarious way. But she makes an excellent and serious point.

What is your perspective on multi-tasking? Do you do it or not? Either way, why? Please share your thoughts and comments with us.


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